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I have a confession to make, I don’t actually like Star Wars … I freaking love it. From the first time I saw it when I was 9, I was in awe. The lore of the Jedi just grabbed me and sucked me in, everything in the Star Wars universe was what my nine year old brain thought was magic. Darth Vader was my hero, growing up I always had to play him when we played Star Wars in the neighborhood which was fine with all the other kids as they wanted to be Luke and Han Solo, but not me! I could wield a tree branch light saber with the best of them. then started my collection, I have A LOT of grey and black around the house. from my prized Lego Tie Fighter Advanced, to my stand up full sized Vader cut out. Anybody who’s been to my apartment knows he has a hat for every occasion.


Star Wars means to me what I feel like it means to a lot of kids in my generation, it’s a huge part of our identity, it’s what may of us think when we think of our first movie. watching those old (episodes 4-6) movies will always bring me back to being 9 years old, sitting in the basement of my dad’s house in the dark watching Darth Vader force choke some peon for talking back. With the recent accusition by Disney of Lucas Arts, I can only hope that they treat my beloved franchise as well as they have Marvel. I need this from you Disney, please for nerds and geeks everywhere please don’t kidify Star Wars, the last three movies were let’s be honest, not great, please let the next 3 make me 9 years old again.



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P.S. Han shot first!

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