I Heart: The September Edition


Starting this month, I’ll be using the first Tuesday of each month to share fun, geeky things happening throughout the month!

TCM has great month-long programs for classic movie lovers throughout the year, but this September is especially good.  Turner Classic Movies is featuring “Sundays with Hitch” and “Friday Night Spotlight: Future Shock” – both must see programs for film lovers.

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Sundays with Hitch” are full day marathons of Alfred Hitchcock films, including his older movies and obscure French propaganda features he directed early in his career.  It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up on his filmography and add a few more notches to your movie belt.

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Friday Night Spotlight: Future Shock” is tailor made for sci-fi fans – a 16-film history of how authors and filmmakers have pictured the future.  TCM will be showing dystopic futuristic films ranging from Metropolis (1927) to Minority Report (2002) every Friday in September, airing at 8:00 PM (Eastern) through the early morning.

September 8th marks the conjunction of Venus with two other celestial bodies – the Moon and Saturn.  The Moon will pass within a half a degree of Venus, while the two planets will pass within 3 degrees of each other.  Both events will take place low in the western sky and will be visible for two hours after sunset.

This month’s movies will be Insidious 2 (Release date: Friday, September 13th) and, plucked from the depths of Netflix, 1986′s Dead End Drive In!



The guys behind ShirtPunch have created a Birchbox-like subscription service for nerds called NerdBlock!  For $19.99 a month, subscribing nerds will receive a box of toys, collectibles, and one epic shirt.  There are only 236 October registrations left, so order yours today to receive the next box!

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