I Heart: The New Year Edition


It’s New Year’s Day and that means a fresh start for all of you and new beginnings for us here at The Geektastics.  Here’s some of my favorite things to get you off on the right track:

If you’re an iPhone or Mac user, you can track your resolutions the techie way with goal apps.  My favorites are Commit and Choice by Choice.

Commit ($2.99) is the perfect app for specific resolutions.  It has a “Remind Me” feature that will alert you to perform the task at a designated time and it keeps track of how many days in a row you completed your task.  It’s best for task-based resolutions (drawing, writing, practicing an instrument) and tasks completed on a daily basis.

Choice by Choice ($2.99) is great for more abstract resolutions.  It uses a smiley face/frowny face scale to judge your choices based on your resolution.  The simple interface lets you easily see your biggest triggers and correct them quickly.  And, if you’re like me and you thrive on positive feedback, those frowny faces can be a great motivator to change your bad habits!  Choice by Choice is best for less specific resolutions (lose weight, get more sleep, spend more time with family) and tracks progress on a choice by choice basis (hence the name).

♥ The S.M.A.R.T goal setting technique (outlined by Paul J. Meyer in his book Attitude is Everything) is a great guideline for setting realistic resolutions.

smart goal setting concept

This infographic depicts American resolutions statistics at a glance.  How do your results compare?

Resolution Infographic

Source: The Daily Infographic


Chris Hardwick’s book The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (in real life) explains how to use your geeky level of obsession to help you realize your goals.  It is both funny and helpful, and I highly recommend the audio book, which Hardwick reads.  There are also supplements on his website!

The New Year is a great time to get on top of your housework.  Use these cleaning tips to make your housework more effective and efficient!

Happy New Year!

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  • http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com Angie

    I love goal setting! Especially for a fresh new year. Our MAIN goal this year is finding our own home. We luckily have family who lets us live with them, but it’s not ideal, you know?

    Eating better, losing weight and becoming all around healthier is another goal, as is cleaning and organizing. Cleaning is easy… for the most part. Keeping everything clean, especially in such a small space, is a totally different story!

    I have many more mini goals, that I plan on blogging about soon either on WTG, LnL or both, haha. I’m such a blogaholic.

    Happy New Year, my friend! *hug*

    • http://www.tabcarson.com/Geektastic Tab

      Those are all awesome goals! I am crossing my fingers that you girls get your own place soon!

      Cleaning and organizing is definitely on my list. We plan on getting a storage unit to store some of the stuff we’re not using at the moment but want to keep. Our place is small, so even a few extra things make a difference!

      Happy New Year to you, too! I’m so glad we can do this together!