Star Wars: The Old Republic


Long ago (2006-ish), I received a little bit of birthday money from my parents. I couldn’t decide what I’d do with my money, and asked my girlfriend (now wife) Jen for advice. She recommended a Xbox (ah, good ol’ original Xbox) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Well, my family was never into sci-fi, so I literally knew nothing about Star Wars… But Jen and I are so very much alike, and I love RPGs, so I went with her suggestion.

I instantly fell in love with KotOR. I played day and night, for hours, fully immersed in my Jedi and her storyline. Jen and I would chat via TeamSpeak while we both played. Such fun memories! I also watched all of the Star Wars movies, fell in love with Wookipedia and even received a lightsaber from Jen as a gift. *grin* (And a few years ago, we each bought a Force FX Lightsaber… We no longer have them, but desperately want a new one each!) Anyway! I became a Star Wars fan and fell in love with sci-fi. When we finished KotOR, we wished there was a Knights of The Old Republic MMO… and we wished and we waited. Of course, there was Star Wars Galaxies, which we did try… we weren’t impressed, but this was years after SWG started and even its most loyal members fading. Finally, there was an announcement! Star Wars: The Old Republic, a MMORPG based after Knights of the Old Republic. WHAT?! YES!

Jen and I had gotten into the beta, with little luck. The lag was beyond awful and we hated the camera movement. On December 5th, we heard that SW:TOR was Free-2-Play, up until level 50, which is the current max level. We decided we’d give SW:TOR another go, downloaded the client, installed and… Fell in love.

Even on medium graphic setting, SW:TOR is beautiful. The storyline is fantastic, and I love love love how you can choose what your character will say. It’s so intense! I have two characters right now, all Empire because I have a passion for the dark side of the Force. First is my Human: Imperial Agent | Sniper:

Angie's Imperial Agent

Next is my Human: Sith Warrior | Juggernaut:

Jen and I are on The Ebon Hawk server, which is a Role-Playing server. I’ve found wonderful RP, especially in cantina’s and random RP is abundant. I was walking around Dromund Kaas on my Sniper and had someone compliment her rifle and strike up a convo. Except a lot more about SW:TOR on We’re That Geeky! We’ve only just begun. *grin*

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I'm Angie, a 23-year-old girl living in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen! Together we have two kitties named Wedge Catilles and Darth Mau, three birds named Jango Peck, Leia Skyflyer and Bastila Chirp and one betta fish, Qui-Gon Finn! I'm a gamer, geek, artist and blogger with a passion for fashion, make-up, shopping; everything New Age, nature, vampirism and more. <3
  • Rhianna

    I have to admit, I’m a Star Trek geek more than a Star Wars geek (*gasp*), but I do love them both. My question is about the RP servers with TOR – does the community there expect an extreme level of detailed knowledge of Star Wars to role play with everyone else, or is core/basic knowledge enough? I’ve touched a few role playing servers (in other geek realms) and there is always a chance you will hit on a server or game where the other players expect that you have lived and breathed their knowledge for years/life and frown upon those who may be new to the genre.

    Also, I have to add that Star Wars: Battlefront, on Xbox, was one of the BEST games EVER. My husband and I still pull it out from time to time and play it for a few days in a row.

    • Angie

      I LOVE Star Trek as well, especially DS9!

      On SW:TOR, there is something for everyone RP wise. The story that unravels for your character is all you really need to know. So whether someone is an advanced SW geek, knowledgeable about everything from the movies, series and extended universe or someone who has just gotten into SW, it’s easy to play, role-play and enjoy.

      I know the movies, and The Clone Wars animated series, but not much else so I visit Wookieepedia and the SW:TOR wikia and learn from there. I’ve looked up food, drink, smoking, various races, the history of certain planets, etc. and note down what I want to remember, or bookmark the page on my tablet for easy reading when in game.

      Also, SW: Battlefront, OMG. We love love love that game! So fun!

  • rrhiannon99

    Just wanted to update and say that I downloaded TOR last night! I’ll be playing it tonight or tomorrow for the first time. Thanks for your recommendation, it definitely helped convince me to give it a try!