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Dear The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers,

Dear The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, First off, your movie was AMAZING. I rate it as second only to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the best movie I have seen in my lifetime. The whole ‘ancient, evil, purple ooze that was locked in a California construction site’ plot was awesome, and the new zords looked […]

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Reel to Real Dreams

He Saw here. I’ve been having weird dreams. I mean I often have weird dreams, but due to what I believe is a combination of stress and over eating of Gold Star Cheese Coneys, a strange (but funny) event went down in my noggin the other night. I was Batman. Awesome so far, right? I […]

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Dear The Creeper,

Dear The Creeper, It’s hard to believe that anyone would actually let you get away with naming yourself “The Creeper.” It’s the word used to clarify that the man standing outside the private school is not there for his kids. It is the antithesis of “dateable”. ‘Creeper’ is the word my friends use to describe […]

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Palette of Holding: Vintage Housewife Baby Showers

In January I set myself a huge task: host two baby showers, both on the same weekend.  It was pretty epic and had serious potential to be completely overwhelming.  Handling it as best like a pro that I could, though, both parties went extremely smoothly and well. (I should note, this was my first time […]

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Vividred Operation

Not far in the future, a revolutionary machine called the Manifestation Engine powers all electric devices in the world. The creator of the machine, Isshiki Kenjiro warns of a menace bent on destroying the engine, but no one believes him. Disgraced, he works in secret to prepare for the coming of the Alone. Five years […]

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Dear Green Lantern,

Dear Green Lantern, Moon Knight didn’t get back to me when I asked him how he keeps his costume so crisply white.  I was wondering what you do to keep your gloves a sparkly eggshell color even when flying through cosmic space dust? I’ve been wondering for a long time why you make constructs from […]

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Guest Post of Holding: Jon from The BrownCoats on Blackwing Lair (WoW)

Say howdy to Jon! My husband and resident pseudo-leader of our group of friends’ World of Warcraft Guild, the BrownCoats! 1. Congratulations on surviving your first two, of many, years of parenthood! What has been the most surprising thing about being a father? NOTHING. I went into this not expecting anything, but just being prepared […]

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He Saw/She Saw Planet Comicon Edition!

This special He Saw/She Saw is with special guest, my darling daughter-in-law, Megan!  We had a great time, got some autographs, met some legends.  Typical day at the geekiest place on Earth, a Comicon!   If you ever get the chance to go to a Comicon, you definitely should go!  We can’t wait for Denver’s Comicon!

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K.C. Planet Comicon Edition!

Guest She Saw for this post!  My darling Daughter-in-Law, Megan! We Saw: Sulu, Catwoman…Wheeeaton!  So many artists and writers!  I got some autographs, met a legend or two.  Typical day at the geekiest place on earth…Planet Comicon in Kansas City!     This was so much fun, I can’t wait for the one in Denver! […]

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