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Dear Captain America,

Dear Captain America, Remember that time you died a few years ago? You got shot by a sniper or something. How does that happen? How does someone go through an entire world war with nothing but a metal disk, swashbuckler boots and Nazi punching gumption come out alive, but is taken out by a random […]

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I Heart: The BBW 2013 Edition

We’re celebrating the freedom to read here at The Geektastics, so here are some awesome book-related things I’ve found this week: ♥ Mod Cloth has a whole section for Out of Print Clothing, an amazing small company that uses the covers of classic and controversial literature to create clothing and accessories.  I own the Wrinkle […]

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Dear Animal Man,

Dear Animal Man, I love you. Not because you are a good hero, or because of your amazing fashion sense of goggles, leather jacket and Spandex. You are one of the rare heroes that I can look at and say, “I’ve watched enough Animal Planet to know you could make it more interesting.” You see, […]

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Banned Books Week 2013: Discover What You’re Missing

For many, book banning in schools and libraries are a part of history.  They liken in to the book burnings in Germany during Hitler’s regime – an unfortunate part of our past that we’ve learned from.  The truth is censorship continues today and it can come from those in our government’s highest levels of office. […]

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Tab Goes to the Movies: Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Rated PG-13 (for intense sequences of terror and violence, and thematic elements) Directed by James Wan Starring: Patrick Wilson Rose Byrne Lin Shaye Barbara Hershey Director James Wan’s latest film is the follow up to the 2010 cult horror flick Insidious.  Widely regarded by genre fans as one of the best […]

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I Heart: The Nerd Brain Edition

♥ ShirtPunch has an amazing shirt available for the next 15 hours – a map of the Nerd Brain.  (It looks pretty accurate to me!) ♥ There are some seriously awesome YouTube shows that everyone should be watching.  This month, I’m featuring my favorite science channels, so if you have even a passing interest in […]

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Dear Wonder Woman,

Dear Wonder Woman, What is up with the bracelets? I get that they’re bulletproof, that’s not what I’m asking. They’re probably really useful since you are a superhero and you get shot at like all the time. But…aren’t you bulletproof too? I’ve seen you go toe-to-toe with super strong alien warlords and giant Nazi death […]

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I Heart: The September Edition

Starting this month, I’ll be using the first Tuesday of each month to share fun, geeky things happening throughout the month! ♥ TCM has great month-long programs for classic movie lovers throughout the year, but this September is especially good.  Turner Classic Movies is featuring “Sundays with Hitch” and “Friday Night Spotlight: Future Shock” – […]

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Dear Mr. Fantastic,

Dear Mr. Fantastic, What is up with the name? Mr. Fantastic doesn’t really scream superhero. It sounds like a bad superhero porno alter ego. “Carl Dickington is Mr. Fantastic in: Enter the Sexopus!” It also doesn’t say anything about you being superstretchy, either. Maybe Mr. Elastic or Mr. Extendable would work, but those seem like […]

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