Dear Wonder Woman,


Dear Wonder Woman,

What is up with the bracelets? I get that they’re bulletproof, that’s not what I’m asking. They’re probably really useful since you are a superhero and you get shot at like all the time. But…aren’t you bulletproof too? I’ve seen you go toe-to-toe with super strong alien warlords and giant Nazi death robots, so I assume that you are. You don’t see Aquaman running around in scuba gear or Superman strapping ray guns to his face. Do you just have a weakness to bullets? What happens when the bad guys do that thing where they run out of bullets so they just throw the gun? Do the bracelets work then, or do your wrists just snap? It’s baffling to me that you would take the energy to ricochet bullets away from you (most likely into a crowd of innocent people who thought that maybe, just this one time, they’re bank wouldn’t be held up by thugs with tommy guns) instead of just doing nothing. Is it just a reaction like when someone throws a wad of paper at you and you instinctually try to protect your face with your hands? Do you use your bulletproof bracelets on wads of paper that are thrown at you?

Please clear this up for me. I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep or explain to people why you have bulletproof bracelets if I don’t figure this out.

Keith McGuffey

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Exposed to dangerous levels of toxic radiation after his home planet exploded, Keith McGuffey’s spaceship crash landed on Earth! Developing super powers derived from his connection to the mystical Amethyst of Kashyyyk and trained in martial arts by his mysterious sensei Stalk, Keith McGuffey would grow up to become… Keith McGuffey!