I Heart: The Nerd Brain Edition


ShirtPunch has an amazing shirt available for the next 15 hours – a map of the Nerd Brain.  (It looks pretty accurate to me!)

There are some seriously awesome YouTube shows that everyone should be watching.  This month, I’m featuring my favorite science channels, so if you have even a passing interest in the scientific world, check out these out:

It’s Okay to Be Smart – Hosted by Joe Hanson, this web show is produced by PBS and covers science in a way that makes it applicable to the real world and easy to understand.  You can also follow Hanson on Tumblr and Twitter for more cool sciencey stuff!

AsapScience - Greg and Mitch collaborate to create animated videos which explore the science behind common questions about the world we live in.  They both studied biology in college and wanted to make science accessible to those who wouldn’t normally be interested in the subject. (Check out their process here.)

The Periodic Table of Videos
– Sponsored by the University of Nottingham, this channel features individual videos of each element on the Periodic Table, as well as those that cover other fascinating aspects of chemistry and science.

Veritasium – Derek Muller created the channel to correct scientific misconceptions and uses experiments, demos, and interviews with field experts to present science in fun and unusual ways.  The name is a combination of the Latin word for truth (“Veritas”) and “ium”, a common ending for elements, creating Veritasium, “an element of truth”.  The element even has an atomic number (“i”, because it’s imaginary) and a mass number (42.0, referencing the answer to the ultimate question of life in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

National Geographic recently published a fascinating article about how Sunday Times‘ art editor Richard Brooks figured out that “Robert Galbraith” is actually the pen name of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling using forensic linguistics.

Fox has released the trailer for the new edition of “Cosmos”, hosted by Neil DeGrasse-Tyson.  Let the squees of excitement commence!

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