Palette of Holding: Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser Cosplay Pt.1


Palette of Holding


In an epic fangasm, Starz has picked up the amazing Outlander series of books as a new television series.  I am fan-girling all over this since I have been a fan of the books since I began reading them in 2004…that’s 10 years of excitement. I can count.

Anyway, as of today a small teaser trailer has been released and a few still shots of the characters. One of the shots in the trailer shows Claire in her 1940′s dress:


(c) Starz

(c) Starz

I have decided that I have the curly brown hair and need to pull off this costume for Denver Comicon and stuff. STUFF!

The planning stage has begun, and I have the pattern narrowed down to two options. The biggest hurdle is that you only see the dress in a few short glimpses in the trailer and only in this one still shot. I can deduce from those that the dress is knee length, has long or 3/4 length sleeves, and features a black belt.

Here are the patterns I have been looking at for this dress:

What do you think?  Do you like either of these or have your own opinion on a better pattern? Please share :)

After I pick a pattern it’ll be fabric shopping time *yay!* and then sewing! Wish me luck!


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