Grab Bag of Holding: Crescendudes Giveaway!


Grab Bag of Holding

Welcome to my first giveaway of the year – and I’m doing it in style!  Want to win an amazing album by an all-male a capella group? Me too!  I’d like to introduce you to the Cresendudes!

(c) Crescendudes

(c) Crescendudes

Founded in 2005 with an equal mix of X and Y chromosomes, we are the oldest and only all-male a cappella group on the UCF campus.

3rd place regional winners of the 2008 International Collegiate Championship of A Cappella (ICCA) and winners of Best Choreography for the 2008 and 2009 ICCA South Quarterfinals, the Crescendudes are a dynamic bunch of laid-back guys at the University of Central Florida who enjoy harmonizing, joking, and getting distracted for a few hours a week at the expense of their GPAs.

A close-knit yet very open group, the Crescendudes encourages interaction with audiences and members in a fusion of performance, entertainment, and fun. Rehearsals are built around member schedules and e-mail communication is imperative. If you are interested in joining us, having us perform, recommending a song, or just want to comment, please feel free to write us.

Webpage | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Want to win the album? Of course you do! …but I’m going to make you work for it by reading my interview with them first (you’ll be quizzed on it later!)

1. What is the glue that holds your group together? We’re all very different people with different ambitions and backgrounds, but when it comes down to it, we’re all a bunch of college guys who love to sing!

2. How many are currently on your roster? 16!

3. What is the best method of campus transportation? Walking, Bicycling, Tardis, or Bat Mobile? We had to vote on this one – and our answer was tied. Our two answers are as follows – Tardis (You’ll never be late to class), and The Imperial Star Destroyer Executor (Because Reasons.)

4. What is your most requested song? What is most difficult to sing? Most requested? People ask us to do “Fat Bottomed Girls” all the time. Most difficult? We don’t have a specific answer for that – many of our songs are really quite complex, and it’s these types of songs that are hardest.

5. Which is the best Avenger: The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor? The answer was a resounding “Nick Furry!”

6. Do you take requests? If so: Bohemian Rhapsody. Thank you. Yes. No. (That song is… stupid hard. Thanks, but no thanks :P )

7. What is the worst on-campus food? The gum under the desks.

8. Star Wars or Star Trek? You almost caused the group to break up over this one; it was a tough decision, but we decided with Star Wars: one of our members dresses up as a Jedi on the weekend. For fun. So we had to go for Star Wars

9. How does your group keep up with its members as they graduate? Trick Question. We can’t get rid of them.” Most of them are around the UCF area, and they come to our events! We hang out quite a bit.

10. What is your group’s favorite off-campus location to perform? Croatia. Just… Croatia.

11. What is the background of your group’s members? What drove them to join your group? And how diverse are the majors of study in your group? We come from everywhere. We have members from in-state and out-of-state. We have a diverse major-base. Engineering, Education, Hospitality, Film, the list goes on and on. Fun fact: we only have one music major!

12. You are gathering your group for an epic quest through Middle Earth. There is room for one more in your group, it is mandatory that another member is chosen. Which do you choose? An emotionally unstable elf that is known as the best “lock-pick, wife woo-er, and general elf of ill repute”, an agoraphobic wizard that specializes in nun-chucks, an egotistical dwarf that deals in information, a human ship captain who was bewitched to think they are an ent, an archer that is a bipolar hobbit, or an whiny teenage half-elf/human just beginning to learn the ways of the forest?  Our music director (whom we love very much) is pretty much already “a whiny teenage half-elf/human just beginning to learn the ways of the forest.” He’s worked out for us so far, so we chose him!


Okay, did you catch all that?  Good! Now let’s win some free stuff!

The giveaway last’s until March 26th.  There are some entries you can do more than once… so, get to it!

(c) Crescendudes

(c) Crescendudes

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