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Welcome to my first giveaway of the year – and I’m doing it in style!  Want to win an amazing album by an all-male a capella group? Me too!  I’d like to introduce you to the Cresendudes!

(c) Crescendudes

(c) Crescendudes

Founded in 2005 with an equal mix of X and Y chromosomes, we are the oldest and only all-male a cappella group on the UCF campus.

3rd place regional winners of the 2008 International Collegiate Championship of A Cappella (ICCA) and winners of Best Choreography for the 2008 and 2009 ICCA South Quarterfinals, the Crescendudes are a dynamic bunch of laid-back guys at the University of Central Florida who enjoy harmonizing, joking, and getting distracted for a few hours a week at the expense of their GPAs.

A close-knit yet very open group, the Crescendudes encourages interaction with audiences and members in a fusion of performance, entertainment, and fun. Rehearsals are built around member schedules and e-mail communication is imperative. If you are interested in joining us, having us perform, recommending a song, or just want to comment, please feel free to write us.

Webpage | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Want to win the album? Of course you do! …but I’m going to make you work for it by reading my interview with them first (you’ll be quizzed on it later!)

1. What is the glue that holds your group together? We’re all very different people with different ambitions and backgrounds, but when it comes down to it, we’re all a bunch of college guys who love to sing!

2. How many are currently on your roster? 16!

3. What is the best method of campus transportation? Walking, Bicycling, Tardis, or Bat Mobile? We had to vote on this one – and our answer was tied. Our two answers are as follows – Tardis (You’ll never be late to class), and The Imperial Star Destroyer Executor (Because Reasons.)

4. What is your most requested song? What is most difficult to sing? Most requested? People ask us to do “Fat Bottomed Girls” all the time. Most difficult? We don’t have a specific answer for that – many of our songs are really quite complex, and it’s these types of songs that are hardest.

5. Which is the best Avenger: The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor? The answer was a resounding “Nick Furry!”

6. Do you take requests? If so: Bohemian Rhapsody. Thank you. Yes. No. (That song is… stupid hard. Thanks, but no thanks :P )

7. What is the worst on-campus food? The gum under the desks.

8. Star Wars or Star Trek? You almost caused the group to break up over this one; it was a tough decision, but we decided with Star Wars: one of our members dresses up as a Jedi on the weekend. For fun. So we had to go for Star Wars

9. How does your group keep up with its members as they graduate? Trick Question. We can’t get rid of them.” Most of them are around the UCF area, and they come to our events! We hang out quite a bit.

10. What is your group’s favorite off-campus location to perform? Croatia. Just… Croatia.

11. What is the background of your group’s members? What drove them to join your group? And how diverse are the majors of study in your group? We come from everywhere. We have members from in-state and out-of-state. We have a diverse major-base. Engineering, Education, Hospitality, Film, the list goes on and on. Fun fact: we only have one music major!

12. You are gathering your group for an epic quest through Middle Earth. There is room for one more in your group, it is mandatory that another member is chosen. Which do you choose? An emotionally unstable elf that is known as the best “lock-pick, wife woo-er, and general elf of ill repute”, an agoraphobic wizard that specializes in nun-chucks, an egotistical dwarf that deals in information, a human ship captain who was bewitched to think they are an ent, an archer that is a bipolar hobbit, or an whiny teenage half-elf/human just beginning to learn the ways of the forest?  Our music director (whom we love very much) is pretty much already “a whiny teenage half-elf/human just beginning to learn the ways of the forest.” He’s worked out for us so far, so we chose him!


Okay, did you catch all that?  Good! Now let’s win some free stuff!

The giveaway last’s until March 26th.  There are some entries you can do more than once… so, get to it!

(c) Crescendudes

(c) Crescendudes

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Grab Bag of Holding: I haven’t died yet. /2014/01/14/grab-bag-of-holding-i-havent-died-yet/ /2014/01/14/grab-bag-of-holding-i-havent-died-yet/#comments Wed, 15 Jan 2014 04:50:44 +0000 /?p=5146 grab_bag_HEART_v1


Good news. I haven’t died. Just been busy.  A few quick updated before I drag my tired self off to bed!


1) I got my 2014 RomCon convention tickets! YAY!

2) I’ll be getting my 2014 Denver Comicon tickets soon! WOOT!

3) My husband and I obsessively watched all three seasons of Game of Thrones. We are now hooked, fans, and totally ready for season four to start! #ilovejonsnow

4) Outlander, the novel, was picked up be Starz! Filming has already begun and I am fan-girling HARD CORE over it!

5) For the next 48 days I am participating in a writing challenge. Wish me luck! I am still working on the novel I started for 2012 NaNoWriMo. The plot got a major overhaul over the last year, and I’ve put it down for months at a time. I am back at writing, though, and enjoying it.

6) I turned 32, my daughter turned 3, and my husband turns 32 in a week. When did we get so old?

7) I’ll be going on my second hunt, for elk, this upcoming November. Wish me luck for that, too!

8) Plans for this year’s family vacation are in full swing, and just waiting for October to roll around so we can enjoy Disneyland.

9) I haven’t picked a Bag of Holding interview question theme or poll for 2014…any suggestions? Last year’s interview theme was zombie apocalypse survival and the poll was best Firefly episode.

10) I cried when I lost my doctor. Goodbye 11. :*(


That’s it for tonight! <3

- Rhianna

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Bookshelf of Holding: RomCon 2013 Recap /2013/10/22/bookshelf-of-holding-romcon-2013-recap/ /2013/10/22/bookshelf-of-holding-romcon-2013-recap/#comments Tue, 22 Oct 2013 15:30:09 +0000 /?p=4883 Bookshelf of Holding

So, I guess it turns out I never actually recapped RomCon 2013! What madness is this?!


RomCon was AMAZING, and my first official convention for anything.  It was a great introduction into this “con” thing, and I am so glad I went.  My con started with breakfast and meeting two authors: Elizabeth Essex and Marsha West. Both were amazing, and Marsha and I became fast friends.  We con was filled with events, and I don’t think I spent any ‘dead’ time because there was so much to do.  My fan girl moment was meeting Gena Showalter.  But I also caught up with Darynda Jones, a friend of mine, and met Heather Graham and Shyla Colt.  There were many MANY other authors there – so many that it was impossible to meet them all!  There were so many intimate chats, talks, and presentations that I couldn’t make them all since some overlapped. I was able to attend the paranormal chat, the intimate chat with Darynda Jones, and a few of the game activities (Clue with all the paranormal authors, how to survive the apocalypse (I sat with Heather Graham!), and that’s not including the meals.  There was a bingo lunch (which satisfied my inner Bea Arthur), a comedy show and dinner, and Vegas night.  My absolute favorite event was the night the erotica romance writers put on their faux bachelorette party. Let me tell you, those girls know how to party! All of the events had authors meeting and greeting their fans and participating! It was neat to meet them all on a personal level. There were also a few vendors, but my favorite was Poly’s Pleasures Chainmail. Their chokers are amazing!!

20130621_102239.jpeg  20130622_205527.jpeg  20130621_140748.jpeg

Want to see my photos? I wish I had taken more, but I was busy having FUN!  Check out the photos here: /galleries/romcon-2013/


Event Ratings:

Fun scale (out of five): five

Family-friendly scale (out of five) : 0 – this is not a kid friendly event

Would I go again: YES! I am already signed up for RomCon 20141!

Things to remember next time: 

  • A corset is an any-time acceptable piece of clothing at RomCon
  • Bring an extra bag for the free swag!
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Grab Bag of Holding: Antelope Hunting Trip /2013/10/05/grab-bag-of-holding-hunting-trip/ /2013/10/05/grab-bag-of-holding-hunting-trip/#comments Sat, 05 Oct 2013 12:50:58 +0000 /?p=763
Today marks the one year anniversary of my very first hunting trip!  It’s a bit difficult to write about, I received some animosity, hate, and cutting jabs on my Facebook page when I originally posted about my success.  This hunt was definitely a bucket list item for me and hunting turned out to be more exhausting and anxiety filled than I had imagined. It was also more exhilarating that I had thought it would be and I am still extremely proud of my accomplishment.  I, personally, feel that hunting is a good skill to have and know.  I now know, first hand, what it takes to put meat on my table for my family.  I now know, without a doubt, that I am a provider.  I treated my kill with the utmost respect (including saying a special prayer for him in thanks for his sacrifice), ate the meat, and enjoy the trophy mount in my home to mark my success.

Hunting gets a very bad wrap from a lot of people who tout the following as their big turn off: “how could you kill/hurt an innocent animal?”  To which, I can easily reply: “Please, let me know what that cow/chicken/pig/turkey did to you that it was OK in your book to have them killed for you.”  I also struggle with the idea that getting your meat from the grocery store is more “humane” than hunting it yourself.  Let me know how the treatment of cows/chickens/pigs/turkeys/etc. on a meat farm is better than an animal who has had a taste of free air and the wild, who has a chance to outsmart his hunter, etc.  I’m not going to say I don’t get 99.9% of my meat from the grocery store; that would be a lie – but I can say that I don’t make an asinine assumption that those animals are treated better because they were raised on an overpopulated farm and force-fed to make them bigger and taste better.

It puts them directly in touch with their meat food. When they eat this meat, they know what the animal looked like, how it lived, how it died. They don’t have to worry that it was some “downer cow” that was so sick it couldn’t even stand, as it was lifted by forklift into the slaughtering line. The hunter hasn’t let someone else do the dirty work for him…The hunter knows that this animal has died with dignity and its carcass was treated with respect.  (Answer by ThorThpot fromWhy do people like hunting? | Answerbag

I was able to get rid of hypocritical ties I may have had myself and do the “dirty work” myself, and I am extremely proud of that.  I am also amazingly proud of myself for watching and helping during field dressing – which I had been very anxious about beforehand (I seriously did NOT want to toss my cookies).  It was definitely not as messy and gross as I had assumed it would be.  It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t a gore fest either. I felt it was important and responsible of me as a hunter to watch the entire process and not just shoot, smile for some pictures, and then pick up a mounted head a few months later.  In my opinion, part of being a responsible and good hunter includes the grosser parts like field dressing. I also took my kill to a meat processor.  My family enjoyed Antelope steaks, German sausage, Italian sausage, and snack sticks for many months.

Hunters do a lot to help our environment including this small list: providing funds (their license fees and more) which go towards wildlife conservation and management, population management, and providing food for their families.


Here are the stats from my hunt:

- Before it started, I wished for a clean, painless kill for the antelope done with one shot

- I killed one antelope, with one shot – a clean kill

- The shot was made at 258 yds

- The antelope is considered a “trophy” kill – meaning it is larger than normal

- His horns are 15″ on one side and 15.75″ on the other

- The kill was made on my second day of hunting at 6:50am, about 15 minutes after we hard started that morning

- The entire first day was an exhausting attempt to find different herds, a buck that was big enough, etc.  This particular buck was the last one we saw the day before – we hadn’t attempted a shot because it was far to late in the day

- My dad went on the trip with me as an observer.  He is an experienced hunter. I am glad we were able to bond so much over this trip!

- We went through an amazing group: J&D Outfitters and Guide Services. I highly recomend them.

- My guide was Steve. He was awesome! Please ask for him if you decide to give hunting a try – he really helped me!


Here are some photos from my hunt.

Proud Hunter
(c) Rhianna Ulrich, Bill Colli Jr., and Steve Gentile 2012

Me and my dad!
(c) Rhianna Ulrich, Bill Colli Jr., and Steve Gentile 2012

Me and my guide, Steve
(c) Rhianna Ulrich, Bill Colli Jr., and Steve Gentile 2012

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Grab Bag of Holding: Returning from Vacation Can Be Sucktastic /2013/08/30/grab-bag-of-holding-returning-from-vacation-can-be-sucktastic/ /2013/08/30/grab-bag-of-holding-returning-from-vacation-can-be-sucktastic/#comments Fri, 30 Aug 2013 15:10:30 +0000 /?p=4600 Grab Bag of Holding

I wish I could tell you that I have been on an amazing vacation and that’s why I haven’t been posting – but that would be a lie. In reality my life just got pretty crazy for awhile.


I thought I would write a bit about how I survive returning from a vacation.  I have noticed throughout the years that I end up getting depressed when I return from a vacation where the room looked like this:

(c) Comfort Inn

But my house looks like this:

(c) ourhumbleabodeblog


Because, let’s face it…packing looks like this:

(c) Unknown :(


So I have been trying really hard to follow these few ideals the past few years and have found that they work:

  1. Change the sheets on your own bed right before you leave and make the bed all pretty.
  2. Make your child pick up all their toys before they can head off to the airport with you on an exciting trip.
  3. Wash all the dishes in the sink.
  4. Vacuum the night before.
  5. If you have the time, catch up on laundry.
  6. Make sure you put away whatever you decided NOT to pack.
  7. Make sure your bed is free of any clutter.
  8. Spray a nicely scented room spray in your house before you leave.


It may not be like this when you get home:

(c) Four Seasons


But having a clean house to come home to that looks like this isn’t so shabby, either!

(c) Rhianna Ulrich 2008

(c) Rhianna Ulrich 2008

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Grab Bag of Holding: RomCon 2013 Giveaway BLOWOUT! /2013/07/02/grab-bag-of-holding-romcon-2013-giveaway-blowout/ /2013/07/02/grab-bag-of-holding-romcon-2013-giveaway-blowout/#comments Tue, 02 Jul 2013 16:10:36 +0000 /?p=4357 grab_bag_HEART_v1

I am so psyched to host this giveaway showcasing some of the amazingly awesome swag I picked up from RomCon!  Believe it or not, I received twice the swag I am giving away here! RomCon was stellar and so much fun, I highly suggest you attend if you enjoy romance novels.

Originally I thought I was going to be able to do three giveaways: 2 swag and book winners and 1 signed reading journal winner. Once I had my stuff laid out, though, I had way more than I remembered getting.  Here are the prizes:

RomCon 2013 Signed Reading Journal

RomCon 2013 Signed Reading Journal

Signed Reading Journal (one winner)There was no possible way this journal would fit signatures from every author present. So, I got about 1/4 of them to sign the outside of this Moleskine Passions Book Journal.”A book lover’s delight, this journal is a place to keep track of all your tomes. Reflect on what you’re currently reading, reminisce about past favorites, and capture your list of future ones so they don’t fall through the cracks. The Moleskine Book Journal inspires you to gather information about the book such as the title, date read, author, quotes, the book’s original language and awards that it may have received. Plus, there’s a space for your opinion and rating. Have fun organizing your book reviews with 202 adhesive labels to personalize your journal inside and out. It’s easy and gratifying to log the books you’ve read, whether for reference, personal kudos, or recommendations to friends – a must-have for the avid reader.”Author’s signatures include:

and more!

Bitchin' Papergoods Package

Bitchin’ Papergoods Package

Bitchin’ Papergoods Package (two winners)You will never need another bookmark again! I have two of these paper swag goodie packages!  Each contains the official RomCon 2013 convention guide, a fan, a ruler, a bumper sticker, too many bookmarks to count, a cowboy RomCon magnet set, and three door hangers.

Sweet Swagbag

Sweet Swagbag

Sweet Swag Bag (two winners)I also have two of these babies!  Each contains: a bag, water bottle, notebook (one swag bag winner will receive the white notebook shown, the other will receive a black RomCon notebook of the same size), cowboy RomCon magnet set, four buttons, three pens, one coaster, one drink coozie, five excerpt books, one stickie note pad, assorted temporary tattoos, a bandage kit, two metal bookmarks, a nail file, a pair of earrings, and a key charm.

Gena Showalter Grab Bag

Gena Showalter Grab Bag

Gena Showalter Grab Bag (one winner)This set of books contains:

  • The Darkest Kiss
  • The Darkest Seduction
  • After Dark

Passionate Book Bundle

Passionate Book Bundle

Passionate Book Bundle (one winner)The book set contains:

  • Beneath the Skin by Lauren Dane
  • The Dom who Loved Me by Lexi Blake
  • The Reckoning by Alma Katsu
  • Doms of Darkhaven by Sierra Cartwright, Cherise Sinclair, and Belinda McBride
  • Embrace Me at Dawn by Shayla Black
  • Their Virgin Captive by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake
  • A Seal in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Speak
  • All Jacked Up by Lorelei James

Romantic Book Bundle

Romantic Book Bundle

Romantic Book Bundle (one winner)This book set contains:

  • Wicked all the Way by Shayla Black
  • The Space Between Us by Megan Hart
  • The Unspoken by Heather Graham
  • A Dom is Forevery by Lexi Blake
  • Beneath the Skin by Lauren Dane
  • All Jacked Up by Lorelei James
  • Fireside by Susan Wiggs
  • Entwined with You by Sylvia Day

A few things to note before you enter:

  • I cannot ship out of the United States. So sorry!
  • You must be 18 or older to enter.
  • There will be eight winners total select, each receiving one of the random prizes mentioned above.

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff! Enter the giveaway below!!!!!  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Grab Bag of Holding: RomCon2013 GIVEAWAY Announcement! /2013/07/01/grab-bag-of-holding-romcon2013-giveaway-announcement/ /2013/07/01/grab-bag-of-holding-romcon2013-giveaway-announcement/#comments Mon, 01 Jul 2013 13:00:58 +0000 /?p=4318 Grab Bag of HoldingDid you get to go to RomCon in Colorado this year? What, NO!?!  Well I have good news for you!  Later this month I will be hosting a RomCon 2013 giveaway filled with SWAG, BOOKS, and SIGNED GOODIES!

Not only that, but there will be at least THREE winners!

Two winners will receive a swag bag with books, and a single winner will receive author signed reading journal!  Check back later this month for the awesomeness.

Until then, here is a sneak peak:


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Grab Bag of Holding: On a New Love of Shoes /2013/06/01/grab-bag-of-holding-on-a-new-love-of-shoes/ /2013/06/01/grab-bag-of-holding-on-a-new-love-of-shoes/#comments Sat, 01 Jun 2013 13:00:42 +0000 /?p=3972 Grab Bag of Holding


I have always been more of a jacket girl over a shoe girl.  It is actually difficult for me to find jackets because I have longer thank normal girl arms. So, I either have to get 3/4 length sleeve jackets or find someone who caries them in a Tall size.






Stolen Husband’s Jacket






My favorite jacket: My Pea Coat



Until this year,  all I cared about shoe wise is that I had a pair of black skater looking shoes and a pair of heels for when I needed to look nice.

I am not sure what changed, but over the last six months these have made their way into my closet:

(c) Clarks: Society Ball

(c) Clarks: Vogue Rose

(c) Clarks: Wessex Eider

(c) Clarks: Evant Addy

(c) Aerosoles: Plum Tree

(c) Clarks: Wessex Cross

What the hell happened?! When did I get to be such a girl?

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Grab Bag of Holding: Cutting Your Hair Isn’t the End of the World /2013/05/15/grab-bag-of-holding-cutting-your-hair-isnt-the-end-of-the-world/ /2013/05/15/grab-bag-of-holding-cutting-your-hair-isnt-the-end-of-the-world/#comments Wed, 15 May 2013 11:30:48 +0000 /?p=3853

I find it weird that people are so afraid to cut their hair. Every season of America’s Next Top Model there are girls who wig out over a hair cut – like they have never seen the show and don’t know it is coming and like their hair will never grow back *rolls eyes*

Anyway, my husband and I donate our hair to Locks of Love about every three years (plus or minus).


Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Most of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. The prostheses we provide help to restore their self-esteem and their confidence, enabling them to face the world and their peers.

Don’t be afraid go cut your hair, grow it out, then cut it again – donate it to a great cause! Besides, your hair will always grow back. And if for some reason you develop a disease and it doesn’t, you will be hoping more people donate their hair.

How can you donate? Check out the Locks of Love Hair Donation page.


Here is some inspiration for you:

Who are you? Rhianna
Where did your donation go? Locks of Love
How many times have you donated? Two
What was the longest (in inches) that you have donated? 11″
Why did you decide to donate? Because my hair will grow back, and others need it more than me.
Is it difficult to donate your hair? Nope. It is very liberating, great for the summer to help beat the heat, and it is always a great feeling to help someone else.

Who are you? Katie
Where did your donation go? Locks of Love
How many times have you donated? Three
What was the longest (in inches) that you have donated? 10″
Why did you decide to donate? good cause/change the haircut/good for deployments
Is it difficult to donate your hair? No, love to do it and it grows back

My name is Shena and I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Sometime during my freshman year of high school I came across a girl who was growing her hair out to donate it. The idea intrigued me and I wanted to try to grow my hair out anyway, so I came up with the plan to grow my hair out until I graduated, then donate it to a worthy cause. And I did just that. All 4 years I grew my hair out until it was near the middle of back. The day after I graduated I went to Fantastic Sams, who offered a free hair cut if you donated to Locks of Love. The braid they cut off was about 12 or 13 inches long, though unbraided the hair was probably 15 inches or so. It was incredibly easy for me to donate, I felt good doing it, and I got the bonus of starting college with a fresh new look. I have not donated since then because I have not grown my hair long enough but if I do get it long enough, I would be happy to donate again.

Who are you? JoJo
Where did your donation go? I donated to locks of love
How many times have you donated? 3 times for a total of 4 wigs (my hair was so think last time that they made 2 ponytails to donate)
What was the longest (in inches) that you have donated? The longest was about 11/12 inches.
Why did you decide to donate? God gave me a lot of hair so I decided that I should share it
Is it difficult to donate your hair? Donating is hard only when you are possessive about your hair. I don’t think I look good with short hair, but in the long run: it will grow back and someone else can benefit from what God has given me.

Who are you? I am Caroline
Where did your donation go? I always donated to locks of love.
How many times have you donated? For sure I have donated four times. It has been more then that I have just lost count.
What was the longest (in inches) that you have donated? When I first started donating the minimum requirement was 8 inches a few years ago they upped it to 10 inches. The longest that I have parted with was 12 inches.
Why did you decide to donate? I started donating when I was just out of high school and was working in the mall when a lady asked if i had ever considered being a hair model. I told her that I had never considered it. She then asked me if I colored or used chemicals on my hair. To which I replied no more then hair spray. She then said I would be a good candidate to donate my hair to a charity called Locks of love. I asked around and found out the requirements and since then have given my hair to those who have lost their hair due to cancer or sickness. So not only am I trying to give people back their smiles by what I do for work but also their self confidence in an unfortunate time in their lives.
Is it difficult to donate your hair? Not in the slightest. Its going to a good cause and maybe some one can enjoy it as much as I have. Besides, its getting hot under all this hair. lol

Who are you? Jessica – Mommy of one beautiful daughter
Where did your donation go? Locks of Love
How many times have you donated? 1 time
What was the longest (in inches) that you have donated? 11 inches!
Why did you decide to donate? I have a friend who’s son has cancer. Seeing everything she and her 2 year old go through makes me realize how lucky I am having a healthy daughter. I’ll do whatever I can to support children.
Is it difficult to donate your hair?  I’ve colored my hair a lot in the past and actually thought it wasn’t an option to donate because of that. So when I went to chop all my hair off like a lot of women do after having a baby; they told me I could I didn’t even think twice!

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Grab Bag of Holding: Rhianna Answers 100 Quesitons /2013/05/10/3832/ /2013/05/10/3832/#comments Fri, 10 May 2013 13:15:57 +0000 /?p=3832 Grab Bag of Holding

I am super busy. My job has me enslaved. It is awful. I didn’t have time to make a cool post, so here are 100 crap questions with 100 crap answers provided by me…


1. What type of music do you listen to? Classic rock, mostly. But there is a time and a place for every type of music.
2. What cheers you up? Sometimes my daughter. Sometimes dinner out. Sometimes my husband. Sometimes a good book being released
3. What do you constantly think about that, either makes you sad or just anything? Being a good parent and wife.  Survival scenarios.
4. Is there something you constantly lose at your house or anywhere? My sanity…
5. Do you have a favourite book or read much? I read A LOT. My favorite books are the Varayan Memoirs by Rick Shelley. I also like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.
6. What is the longest you have gone without sleep? 18 hours-ish
7. Do you have anyone you go to for advice? In person or online? My mom
8. What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break? I broke the habit of biting my nails while in college. Yay me!
9. Is there anything I should know? GNU’s not unix.
10. What do you order or not order at a restaurant you have been? I am a picky eater. No pickles, no mustard. No salsa.
11. What is your favorite word? Least favorite?  I have no favorite word or least favorite word. Sorry to disappoint.
12. Are you a religious person or not? No. I was raised Catholic, but am agnostic now.
13. Why? Please see this post: Bookshelf of Holding: You Lost Me Book Review (Part 1)
14. What did you do for your latest birthday? Went out to dinner, probably. It is difficult to remember that far back.
15. What holidays do you celebrate? Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July. The usual ones, I guess.
16. If you had to be named after a city, state, or country (etc), which would you want it to be? London
17. Who is your hero? My parents.
18. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus? Thesaurus
19. Have you ever been stung by a bee? Yes. It hurt.
20. Have you ever tipped a cow? No.
21. What’s the sickest you have ever been? Recovering from giving birth is the most PAIN I have ever been in. I don’t think I can pick one time where I have been the most sick right now.
22. Are you still learning who you are? Of course. We are always changing.
23. Are you afraid of heights? Or what are you afraid of? No, not heights. Aliens and being left alone.
24. Have you ever taken dance lessons? Who would you want to dance with? Yes.  My husband.
25. What is the most memorable class you have ever taken? Figure Drawing with Wingo at Woodbury University.

26. What’s your favorite knock-knock joke? I can’t say that I have one.
27. What is your favorite commercial? The gerbal commercial.
28. If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be? Penn Jillete
29. What is your favorite breakfast food? Doughnuts, I guess.
30. Do you like guacamole? Have you ever been in a food fight? No and yes. I was in a whipped cream fight.
31. What is your favorite thing to spend money on? Books, my husband, and my daughter.
32. What is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it? I like to plan things. A LOT. Sometimes I am proud of it since I usually know everything that is going on and will go on.
33. Ever been in love with 2 people at the same time? Do you think that’s wrong? No, and I haven’t thought about if it is wrong or not.
34. Ever had any relatives in jail? Yes.
35. Glass half full or half empty? Or is the glass just malformed? Today it is half empty. Ask me tomorrow.
36. Mountains or the beach? View, or the tv? Mountains. I don’t like sand or salt water. The view.
37. Plain, train, or car? Boat, subway, or teleportation device? Tardis.
38. If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do? Move to Florida and buy a Disneyworld season pass. Then, after I got tired of that, travel the world.
39. Ever sold/donated your blood? If you haven’t do you want to? No. Yes, I would like to donate my blood.
40. Crowds, small groups, or “Go away, I’m a loner”? Small Groups.
41. Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far. Have you recovered from it? Getting in a car accident while 8 months pregnant. No, I haven’t gotten over it.
42. What famous person do people tell you that you most resemble? That girl who sings the 1990′s song with “some say…” she wears glasses.
43. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? alligator
44. If you could bring any person back to life, who would it be? My maternal grandmother
45. Do you believe honesty is the best policy? Yes
46. What is the worst part of humanity? Our reliance on religion for answers and as a source animosity between ourselves
47. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? Who would you least like to be …? My husband – most like to be stuck. My daughter – least like to be stuck.
48. What do you think Victoria’s secret is? Profit.
49. Which cartoon character do you resemble the most? I LOOK the most like Daria
50. Would you rather go a week without bathing, but be able to change your clothes? Or a week without changing your clothes but be able to bathe. A week without changing my clothes, but able to bathe

51. Which of the four seasons do you most love? Or Hate? Autumn – most love.
52. If you could choose your method of dying or where, what would they be? In my sleep, quietly unaware
53. If you had to be trapped in a tv show for a month, which would you choose? Some home improvement show where they do the work for you and pay for it
54. List someone you know, and describe them in 5 words.  My daughter: funny, excited, stubborn, explorer, snuggler
55. You can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question, who would you select and what is the question? Jesus. Dude, can you just be honest about everything? We have too many groups who are arguing over what you said and killing each other. Can you just be honest so we stop doing that. Thanks!
56. If you join the circus, what would you perform? Ticket taker
57. Ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year? be the middle in both.
58. You discover that your wonderful one year old child is because of a mix up at the hospital and not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to correct the mistake? no.
59. Would you be willing to lie to a court for a close friend if it meant saving your friend from going to jail for life? no. if they did something to warrant going to jail for life, they deserve going to jail for life.
60. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for $40,000? yes.
61. If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a day, whom would you choose ad how would you torment them? my nemesis from high school. she would be tormented by being in a room with a moose. and a walnut.
62. Do you feel that children should be sheltered from unhappiness? no
63. If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen? the big bang
64. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do? (Live in the body temporarily or permanently?) temporarily would live a day as kate middleton. it would be interesting to see how she lives
65. If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be? 25
66. What question do you hate to answer? are you going to have more children
67. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? burger (plain, only cheddar cheese) and a loaded baked potato with a cherry coke
68. Where do you go to get on a computer? home and work
69. How do you start a conversation? hello
70. What keys on a keyboard do you not use? all of the F keys
71. If you had a brainwashing machine, who would you use it on? my toddler to stop the tantrums and sass backs
72. You are walking home in the dark, you see something move. What/Who is it(guess)? What do you do? E.T. and I stab it to death
73. What is the strangest name someone has introduced themselves as to you? What is their real name? Tangaree. Tangaree
74. Where were you 3 hours ago? Do you think someone was stalking you? Work, and no. It has been a conversation free day.
75. Have you ever eating a crayon, or glue? Or what strange thing have you eaten? I would have to ask my mom…

76. Is there anything purple within 10 feet of you? What is it? A card my daughter gave me.
77. When was the last time you bought something? What was it? Yesterday I bought my husband a Mother’s Day Gift since he has been playing Dad and Mom at home due to my crap work schedule.
78. Are you wearing socks right now? Yes
79. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No, but I am going tomorrow to see Iron Man 3
80. When was the last time you ran/went for a jog? A LOOOOOONG time, but Saturday I am walking a marathon
81. Your dream vacation? Worst vacation? Best vacation? DisneyWorld – dream.  Disneyworld with a 1 year old – worst. Disneyworld honeymoon – best.
82. Worst injury you have had? I have back disc issues. a cracked rib while having bronchitis. and recovering from an episiotomy
83. What do you want to know about the future? what year do we finally destroy ourselves?
84. What was the last picture took of you? a picture taken by my 2.5 year old last weekend.
85. Do you know any big gossipers? yes
86. Have you been pulled over by a cop? yes
87. Do you know your heritage? most of it
88. What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it? the ability to travel the world. not yet.
89. What you have faked being sick so you wouldn’t have to go to? having a cold
90. What was the last lie you have said? i told my daughter she could play with her umbrella when we get home today and I have no intention of letting her play with it
91. Have you ever danced in the rain? yes
92. What is your blood type? O+
93. Have you ever been in a car accident? yes
94. What was your weirdest prank call that you have made? I haven’t made any that great
95. Best compliment you have received? That I looked happy and content
96. Do you trust anyone with your life? yes
97. What is your greatest strength or weakness? I am a super planner. It is a strength and weakness. I have issues being spontaneous
98. What is your perfect pizza? Cheese only
99. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? Work today, ugh!
100. Do you get along with your family? Usually, yes.

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