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The Space Nerd Files: Super Supermoon!

Just in time for the theatrical release of Man of Steel, 2013′s most super supermoon will make its appearance on June 22nd and 23rd.  What is a supermoon, you ask? The term “supermoon” originally came from astrology, with astrologer Richard Nolle taking credit for coining the word in 1979.  It occurs when the moon is […]

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The Space Nerd Files: 2013 Dance of the Planets

It’s a special time, astronomy-wise.  As they do every so often, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are visible in the night sky in close proximity.  Scientifically known as “planetary conjunction”, this grouping puts the three planets within a circle whose diameter is less than 5 degrees.  The conjunction began on May 24th and will continue until […]

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