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AMC’s 2014 Best Picture Showcase

Has the Best Picture Showcase spoiled movie-going for us? Do we only want to see Best Picture Nominees now? Or has it just been so cold this winter that we haven’t gotten out as much? Could be a little of both, but the fact is that we’ve only seen one of the nominated movies this year! To be totally honest, the best movie I saw this year (or the one I liked the most) is one that would never even be considered for nomination in any category. So, if you haven’t seen The Way, Way Back, get to Redbox, or Amazon, or Netflix, or however you see movies these days and watch it! What are you waiting for? Get!
Okay, now we can talk Oscars…


Toni AvatarShe Said:

In a long line of Oscar nominated movies based on true stories, Philomena follows the story of a teenage mother forced to give up her baby in a very Catholic 1940’s era Ireland. Fifty years later she (with the help of a once respected, now maligned journalist) traces her son from his adoption in Ireland to America, only to find him right back where she started. Judi Dench portrays Philomena Lee as a very “blue-collar” woman, unapologetically without formal education or sophistication. We watch her entertain a very sophisticated journalist with stories from romance novels and enjoy her innocent, guileless observations of life (as well as American television and eating habits). However, Philomena proves to be the more intelligent of the two when it comes to human nature and behavior, teaching even an old cynic that forgiveness may be difficult but very necessary. As Philomena tells a nun who kept information about her son from her, “I forgive you because I don’t want to remain angry.” And in a scene with the reporter says, “But I don’t want to hate people. I don’t want to be like you. Look at you.”
His reply, “I’m angry.”
And her quiet retort, “Must be exhausting.”

So true. And by the way… the old cynic… me.

Sam AvatarHe Said:

The journalist was a jerk and I never came to like him. Philomena showed how someone with faith could also be accepting of others. She also showed that it is not always those that wear their faith on their collar that are truly walking in the ways of the Lord. And the journalist was still a jerk…


Dallas Buyer’s Club

Toni AvatarShe Said:

Because of his extreme physical transformation, Matthew McConaughey may come away with a statue this evening. And maybe he even deserves it. Although not a huge McConaughey fan (settle down, ladies), even I have to admit he portrayed a drug-addled partying womanizer well. Hmmm… maybe not such a stretch? I’m just saying. It is amazing, however, how pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have control over those attempting to live with dignity or just struggling to stay alive.

Jared Leto also went through a drastic physical change and gives an extremely strong performance as a transgender woman living with HIV/AIDS. And I still remember when Jordan Catalano was making us all jealous of Angela Chase in “My So-Called Life”.

Sam AvatarHe Said:

Matthew McConaughey looked like hell, I mean, how can you lose all that weight and not win a best actor Oscar, right? This movie depicted the misunderstandings and attitudes many had of HIV at that time and the prejudices and judgments that came with it. Good character development, you came to care for each of the characters in different ways, but I cared the least for McConaughey’s character. He was such a blow-hard.


The Wolf of Wall Street

Toni AvatarShe Said:

Over the top is the best phrase I can come up with for this movie and the performances in it. Based on Jordan Belfort’s book about his lavish life and crimes, I have to wonder why a person that cheated people out of money gets to make money on them, not twice but three times. He took their money, wrote a best-selling book, and is now making money (as well as kudos from the movie industry) on the movie. Crazy? Or just part of the culture now in which we reward questionable people for bad behavior?

Oh sure, it was entertaining. I just have a hard time rootin’ for it.

Sam AvatarHe Said:

Just bothers me that this is another example of rewarding someone for bad behavior. Full of immoral behavior and depravity, you know it’s bad when a guy like me is saying, “Someone needs to stop this guy!” I think if it weren’t for the names (DeCaprio and Scorsesee) attached and big budget, this would’ve been Weekend at Bernie’s.


Twelve Years a Slave

Toni AvatarShe Said:

Set twenty years before the Civil War begins, a free black man is kidnapped and forced into slavery. It is a powerful, true story of survival and doing whatever it takes to stay alive in the face of extreme cruelty, stripped of family and freedom while attempting to hold on to one’s dignity. Clearly a serious subject and one, in my humble opinion, that deserves the Oscar.

Chiwetel Ejiofor gives an extremely strong performance, portraying Solomon Northrup as an intelligent, distinguished gentleman who, in spite of the odds, refuses to give up the hope that he will once again gain his freedom. To get an idea of his range as an actor, check out Kinky Boots, another movie based (albeit a little more loosely!) on a true story. Again, Ejiofor gets my vote for Best Actor.

And don’t count out Lupita Nyong’o as Patsey for Best Supporting Actress. Her amazing performance of a woman attempting to maintain her own self-respect, as she is time and again stripped of every modicum of dignity, was exceptional. Oh, and can you tell that I liked this movie? I couldn’t wait to discuss it with my 5th graders who are now studying the Civil War (well, age-appropriate parts anyway).

Sam AvatarHe Said:

WTF? People actually kidnapped people from the north to be slaves?! Had no idea, and this movie made me want to read more about this tragedy. Epic story, serious beatings and such a great portrayal. My vote for best movie and best supporting actress.



Toni AvatarShe Said:

I’m not going to win any popularity contests in a state where Alexander Payne is a home-grown hero, but this was probably my least favorite movie in the Showcase. I actually wondered why it was nominated, to be honest. The performances of the main actors were wonderful, particularly that of Bruce Dern; however, the “extras” (such as the son’s girlfriend , an aunt, and one of the cousins) seemed as though Payne pulled people off the street and asked them to say a couple of lines. The black and white film, while adding to the grim story of a stubborn, cantankerous old man bent on collecting a non-existent prize, in a way also added to the slow nature of the film. I realize it was meant to capture the crumbling economy of the heartland and the wasted lives and opportunities of the common man; however, I couldn’t help comparing (and contrasting) it to the scenery shots of Hawaii in The Descendents. Still, I enjoyed the dark humor and could relate to the story of the adult child – parent relationship in which the one thing the child wishes for, and works so hard to obtain, is the one thing they will never receive… the love of their parent.

Sam AvatarHe Said:

Sorry, not my favorite of the movies this year. I had high hopes for it, and the mother (June Squibb) had some funny lines, but the movie ran slow and the scenery could have been much better if not in black and white. But, that may have been the purpose because it seemed to support a typical view of the middle of the country as being “fly over” states. Not great acting throughout. I understood what they were trying to do, it just fell flat for me.


Captain Phillips

Toni AvatarShe Said:

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? I mean, he’s just inherently lovable! Here he portrays a heroic Captain Phillips, ready to risk his own life to protect his crew. The movie keeps you involved and on the edge of your seat, and the fact that it is based on a true story is captivating as well. This is a good film with fine performances; however I have heard some reports from actual crew members that contradict the events depicted in the movie (we’ve seen a couple of short documentaries on the subject). We are all aware that things may be changed or added for dramatic effect, so I will just enjoy it for its entertainment value, withholding judgment on its voracity until I can read the book or learn more about the actual events.

Scary to think things like this can happen in real life, and revealing of how people in other countries sometimes must live and, many times, survive.

Sam AvatarHe Said:

I watched a documentary on this and events were crunched together and a little inaccurate but it was a good ride. I don’t see myself shipping freight around the Horn of Africa anytime soon. Oh, and not a single parrot, or eye patch in the whole movie! Arrrrr?



Toni AvatarShe Said:

Sadly, I can actually see the premise of this movie coming to fruition. How many times have you looked up at a person expectantly upon hearing them ask a question or make a comment, only to discover they were actually talking on the phone? Each day I sit with a group of co-workers who eat lunch with their phones, constantly checking their email or looking something up that has been brought up in a conversation. Instant gratification of what Adam Levine’s lower torso “v” looks like or who a particular actor in a movie was. Important stuff like that. In a time of social media “friends” and a dependence on technology, is it that far a stretch to believe that one day people will develop “relationships” with their online services? Scarily enough, I can see it. The very near future holds intuitive computers that conform to our needs, such as lights that turn off and on as we enter a room, video games that carry on conversations with us, and people who will write our personal letters for us (or dictate as a computer writes them anyway. Unfortunately, none of us will be able to read the computer’s cursive writing! I guess the script writer didn’t take the state of our educational system into consideration). Oh, and evidently fashion in the future will dictate that men will sport porn – staches and extremely high-waisted pants.

Sam AvatarHe Said:

This is where we are going folks! People love their phones and this goes to the next level. It also confirms the beginning of Skynet and Terminators for me. I’m telling you, in the future, when you hurt your phone’s feelings, your toaster might kill you in your sleep! Just what I need, another life form that I have to worry about offending! At least we will all be dressed like Steve Urkle with a porn-stache, so there’s THAT to look forward to…


American Hustle

Toni AvatarShe Said:

This movie is a fictional story that takes place in a real event. Figure that one out! Christian Bale’s comb-over is a marvel of engineering and hairspray rivaling Donald Trump’s. Maybe that should be a new category. Jennifer Lawrence plays crazy better than most, like someone who can’t hide her own crazy! But I still think the dramatic performance of Nyong’o deserves the Supporting Actress award. Besides, Lawrence won last year for crazy!

It was entertaining and held my interest, unfortunately as the second to the last movie in a day long movie watching experience, I was more than a little antsy. Sorry, Sam!

Sam AvatarHe Said:

What a hot mess these people were. Christian Bale’s hair was its own character for me, I was mesmerized. I know crazy, and Jennifer Lawrence plays good crazy in this. Crazy hair + Crazy women= American Hustle!



Toni AvatarShe Said:

This was the only nominated movie we saw prior to the Best Picture Showcase. It was the last film of the Showcase, and to be honest, if it were left to me, I probably wouldn’t have stayed. Not that it wasn’t good, it was! It’s just that sitting through five movies in one day is difficult, no matter how good they are! But Sam wanted to stay, so… you know I can’t say no to him! Besides I had to make it up to him for fidgeting so much through American Hustle!

The special effects are phenomenal and deserve an Oscar in that category. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend seeing it in 3D, one of the few movies for which I think that particular feature makes a difference. However, I’m not sure I would have picked this one out for a Best Picture nomination. Sandra Bullock does a good job as a scientist-turned novice astronaut who fights to survive in a situation for which she is not fully prepared. Be forewarned, the entertainment value far outweighs the plausibility factor (e.g. Sam asked me why Bullock was taking off her space suit at one point, and I replied, “Because she looks like that!”).

Sam AvatarHe Said:

Second time I saw this one, and I still caught myself mentally reaching out to help Sandra Bullock grab hold of anything to keep her from floating off into space. This movie keeps you tense almost throughout. Don’t know why it was nominated other than big names (Bullock & Clooney), but what a ride!

So, will I be watching The Academy Awards tonight as these talented people pick up their awards (or clap politely for those picking up their awards)? Are you kidding? Don’t you know it’s Sunday? Don’t you realize what’s on tonight? I will be curled up under my electric throw on this frigid evening, happily watching the diseased prey on the lives of others. Oh yeah, and the zombies too. It is “Walking Dead” night… and I still haven’t gotten over last season’s killing of Hershel!
No worries, though. We have The Oscars scheduled to record on the DVR so we can fast-forward to the good parts! No popcorn for me though, just the thought of it… bleh.

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He Saw/She Saw: The Catch Up Edition /2013/07/10/he-sawshe-saw-the-catch-up-edition/ /2013/07/10/he-sawshe-saw-the-catch-up-edition/#comments Wed, 10 Jul 2013 06:01:15 +0000 /?p=4433 Catch Up Edition

Either The Oscar Showcase kind of spoiled us or there just weren’t any movies worth seeing between February and May.  You decide.  We’ve seen a few summer movies though, and thought we’d give a rundown:


Man of SteelMan of Steel

Sam AvatarHE SAW:  [Spoilers]  I have like three comics with this symbolic picture of Jor-el and Lara watching their baby take off in a spaceship toward Earth, they robbed me of that moment in this movie by changing the events of the last days of Krypton a little too much.  Did I see Christopher Reeves in a scene for just a split second?  Even with all her intrepid reporting skills, I don’t think Lois could trace random strange events around the country & back to the Kent farm.  Well, not until Zod’s spaceship showed up there.  But don’t get me wrong, I loved this movie and want to see it again and I’m looking forward sequels.  But I had problems with Zod’s motivation, Superman’s resolution and these three missing words, “Kneel before Zod!”.

Jor-El&Lara1 Jor-El&Lara2 Jor-El&Lara3


Toni AvatarSHE SAW:  I saw the most handsome superhero of all, my husband.  [Okay, clearly Sam wrote that.]

Though no huge fan of superhero movies (obviously, I go for him), I did like Man of Steel.  I do have a few questions though:


lois in snow

1.  Hey Lois, why are you wearing leggings in a sub-zero climate?  I mean, weren’t you worried about hypothermia or at least frostbite?  Clearly fashion over function.  Maybe you also write for the Life and Style section of The Daily Planet.  And why is your voice “like the mice in Cinderella? I hate that!”

lois lane or cinderella


2.  Hey Zod, why would you want Earth to be more like Krypton?  Dirty and high tech without any modern comforts?  Oh, and by the way, if you guys are so technologically superior, why didn’t you clean up that place and make it a more comfortable place to live?  Maybe Lois Lane can give you some decorating tips.

3.  Hey Superman, is a romantic moment in the midst of so much recent death and destruction really appropriate?  Maybe take her on a date before the first kiss…preferably one without an attempt at alien invasion/takeover.

superman romanitic moment



51a8a710d5814_51a504e52d98b_world_war_z_poster03World War Z

Sam AvatarHE SAW:  I cried like a scared little girl.  Luckily, my feminine yet strong and courageous wife was there to save me.  (Ha ha or lol, whateva).  I didn’t read the book and I think it helped me enjoy it better.  Don’t go see this thinking about the book, you will be sorely disappointed.  Instead think of it as a standalone zombie movie.  Brad Pitt is as believable as a U.N. Operative (or whatever he was) as Angelina Jolie would be as Mother Theresa.  Seriously, Brad Pitt as a homeless person woulda’ been way more believable.    Spoiler:  It would be the first time you’d be happy for your husband to come back from a trip with a disease!

Toni AvatarSHE SAW:  Okay Max Brooks fans, calm down for a minute.  I loved An Oral History too, but imagine trying to make that movie!  And just think, now there’s plenty of material left for a sequel!  World War Z was super suspenseful and scary, everything you’d want in a zombie movie.  Just when you were getting used to the slow-moving zombies you can poke through a fence (yeah, I’m talking to you, “The Walking Dead”), these biters would scale that fence and hurl themselves at you before you could say, “Get in the house, Carl!”  And in spite of the improbable ending, you won’t even mind that Brad Pitt is in it!



o-THE-HEAT-570The Heat

Sam AvatarHE SAW:  I thought this movie was funny; McCarthy’s so good and mean, Bullock’s still America’s Sweetheart.  The improv didn’t go too far over the top and didn’t get in the way of the movie.  I didn’t see the two characters as getting as close as sisters, but oh well.

Toni AvatarSHE SAW:  The best part was hearing my husband laugh.  I love him so.  [Hmmm…two guesses at who wrote that comment.  Maybe we should have a giveaway for that!]

Best part of The Heat, without question…Melissa McCarthy.  She is hilarious!  I think maybe Sandra Bullock thought she was in Miss Congeniality 3 though.  She is beautiful, but how can anyone who wears Spanx even though she doesn’t even need it really be America’s Sweetheart?  I mean, c’mon!



Lone RangerThe Lone Ranger

Sam AvatarHe Saw:  What the f*ck did Disney do to my legend?  I didn’t have high expectations once I heard Johnny Depp was playing Tonto, but they didn’t even come close to meeting my lowered expectations.  I knew the Lone Ranger would be the second banana, but I didn’t know they’d make him a reluctant, half-wit, tripping his way through the adventure.  The studio obviously got Depp on board and wrote around him.  They even shoe-horned in Tim Burton’s wife, probably at Depp’s insistence.  He in no way resembled any version of Tonto, he played his vision of a Native American that he saw in a photo.  This coulda’ been so much better!  Recommend reading the Lone Ranger comic from Dynamite Entertainment by Brett Matthews and Sergio Cariello.  Issues 1-6 were a great retelling of the origin, action packed with solid characters & no second bananas.  I’m going back and re-reading them again.  I might even watch a good ol’ “Lone Ranger” episode with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels to help me forget that I watched this movie.

1956 Lone_Ranger_and_Tonto Lone_ranger


Toni AvatarSHE SAW:  The sadness in the eyes of the man I loved as one of his heroes became a lacky.  :(  [Okay enough now, Sam!]

Did I want to see this movie? Did I ever watch “The Lone Ranger” as a kid?  Did I like this version of The Lone Ranger?  Answer: No.  To all three questions.  If this had been set in Canada, Armie Hammer would have made a great Dudley Do-Right (and while we’re at it, what kind of name is Armie Hammer?).  Too bad Brendan Frasier already made that movie.  And I didn’t even bother to see that one.  And if it were set in the Caribbean… oh yeah, Johnny Depp, you’ve already played the odd yet lovable scene stealing sidekick with an accent.  And I still haven’t figured out why Helena Bonham Carter was in this movie.  Maybe it really is all in who you know…

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He Saw/She Saw: The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview /2013/07/08/the-walking-dead-season-4-preview/ /2013/07/08/the-walking-dead-season-4-preview/#comments Mon, 08 Jul 2013 06:01:57 +0000 /?p=4384 the-walking-dead-season-4-poster-comic-con-600x208

Sam AvatarHe Saw:  Thank goodness for my wife.  Thanks honey, for being so brave.  Luckiest. Man. Alive. (Note: She turns her head away at all the gory parts).

Kevin Smith hosted AMC’s marathon of all three seasons of “The Walking Dead”.  Even though he served no purpose, I’m glad he put down the bong long enough to spend a day on the set and do all the cool things fans would’ve loved to do.  BTW, Season 4 Preview did not preview anything about season 4.  No sneak peaks, no surprises or teasers.  Only thing notable was that a season 4 preview trailer will be out at San Diego Comicon later in July.  For those of you that had something to do, here are some ways “The Walking Dead” parallels Toy Story

Can’t wait until October (or Toy Story 4).

Carl in the house


Toni AvatarShe Saw:  Thank you, AMC, for a great diversion from the heat and humidity (not to mention, a raging headache).  And thanks for reminding us of how much longer we have to wait for October!


Toni’s Twitterless Tweets:

@DarylDixon: @JohnnyRzeznik called.  He wants his 1990’s Goo Goo Dolls haircut back.  #badhairday  (Still love ya, though!)

Daryl v Goo Goo Dolls


@KevinSmith: Way to milk AMC for every last dime while doing as little as possible! #OpportunismAtItsFinest  #CashCow

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Reel to Real Dreams /2013/04/29/reel-to-real-dreams/ /2013/04/29/reel-to-real-dreams/#comments Tue, 30 Apr 2013 02:14:02 +0000 /?p=3760 He Saw here. I’ve been having weird dreams. I mean I often have weird dreams, but due to what I believe is a combination of stress and over eating of Gold Star Cheese Coneys, a strange (but funny) event went down in my noggin the other night.

I was Batman. Awesome so far, right? I was wearing the Christian Bale costume (cool but hard to see the iconic symbol) and I even fixed the gravel mess of a voice and had a cool but dark, leathery voice (shiver here).

Enter the villains. Dark, vile; a superstitious and cowardly lot: The worst Arkam Asylum patients, with the most warped and depraved minds.  Not even close. The villains in this mess are from the 60s T.V. show! Imagine a gritty Dark Knight ready to throw down with extreme vengeance, and who walks in? Caesar Romero as Joker, Burgess Meredith as Penguin and Frank Gorshin as Riddler. In the corner directing henchmen to “get him” is Lee Meriwether petting a black cat!  Standing in the slightly slanted villain’s lair, my costume now looks more like an ill-fitted cowl and t-shirt.  I’ve totally lost all cool factor in this dream.  I roll my eyes as the Riddler prances around me giggling and the Joker laughs his asthmatic laugh in my face.  Do you believe this? I rolled my eyes in my own dream?!

Can’t even pull off being cool as Batman in my dreams…



More my speed


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He Saw/She Saw Planet Comicon Edition! /2013/04/11/he-sawshe-saw-planet-comicon-edition/ /2013/04/11/he-sawshe-saw-planet-comicon-edition/#comments Fri, 12 Apr 2013 01:03:58 +0000 /?p=3684 planet-comicon-logo

This special He Saw/She Saw is with special guest, my darling daughter-in-law, Megan!  We had a great time, got some autographs, met some legends.  Typical day at the geekiest place on Earth, a Comicon!

Luthor and Darksied.  People watching alone is worth the price of admission!

Luthor and Darksied. People watching alone is worth the price of admission!

Pat Gleason drew this picture of Kilowog for me!

Pat Gleason drew this picture of Kilowog for me!

The good guys! (Mostly)

The good guys! (Mostly)

Tony Moore signing a book for my son Keith.

Tony Moore signing a book for my son Keith.

Went all fanboy for this lady.  Restraining order pending...

Went all fanboy for this lady. Restraining order pending…

Panel with George Takei!   "Oh My!"

Panel with George Takei!
“Oh My!”

Don't know what this is but the geeks love it.

Don’t know what this is but the geeks love it.

Wheaton!  His panel was excellent!

Wheeeaton! His panel was excellent!

Scarlet Witch and Huntress.  Marvel and DC can get along!

Scarlet Witch and Huntress. Marvel and DC can get along!

Neal Adams and I are tight now.  Another restraining order in the works...

Neal Adams and I are tight now.  Another restraining order in the works…


Keith's former roomate-turned-mutant leader, Russell

Keith’s former roomate-turned-mutant leader, Russell

"Yes, it's a flute dagger and no, you can't"...

“Yes, it’s a flute dagger and no, you can’t”…

"Save the planet kid, or I'll turn you into a f*'n tree."  (

“Save the planet kid, or I’ll turn you into a f*’n tree.”

If you ever get the chance to go to a Comicon, you definitely should go!  We can’t wait for Denver’s Comicon!

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Stalking Dead… /2013/03/03/stalking-dead/ /2013/03/03/stalking-dead/#comments Mon, 04 Mar 2013 05:12:58 +0000 /?p=3381 TheWalkingDead ZombiesWe are obsessed with The Walking Dead.  Sam started reading the trade paperbacks at the bookstore years ago, and anything with zombies… c’mon!  Now we have all of the books and wait impatiently each week (and before each season) for a new episode.  So now, of course, we have to add it to our “real” life portion (or small-screen “reel,” anyway).


He Saw:  I think Rick found his way out of crazytown by seeing what’s happened to Morgan.  Michone softened and opened up just enough to get them to want her to stay with the group.  So many messages in this episode, definitely one of the best this season.

She Saw:  Felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest the whole time!  I just kept expecting something big to happen.  And I wasn’t disappointed: lots of walkers, action, and the reappearance of Morgan… yes!  But hey, how’d Michone get that picture so fast?  It was like when they pull a completely finished dish out of the oven on a cooking show and say, “Through the magic of television…”


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He Saw/She Saw Oscar Results (One Week Later) /2013/03/03/he-sawshe-saw-oscar-results-one-week-later/ /2013/03/03/he-sawshe-saw-oscar-results-one-week-later/#comments Mon, 04 Mar 2013 05:00:59 +0000 /?p=3368  

First of all, the Oscar Showcase was great!  Two Saturdays of popcorn and movies, totally worth it!

Now, and the winners (and losers) are…

Best Picture:


 About getting it wrong:

 He Said:  I guess the stories about Ben Affleck being slighted for best director were true.

Her: Argo was good, but not as good as Les Miserables.  Boo hoo, Affleck.  Best director slight does not equal best picture.


Best Actor:

Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

He Said: I got it wrong.  Wolverine probably wants to cut Lincoln with his admantium claws now (Snikt!).  You can bet that this was his best shot at an Oscar in his career.

Her:  Oh yeah, that’s right…suck it!


Best Actress:

Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

He Said:  I got it right!  I really thought they would’ve given it to Merle Streep.  Even though she wasn’t nominated, she still seems to win every time.  Probably should’ve given it to the elderly lady from “Amour” though.

Her:  Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and talented, but after seeing all the movies I gotta’ say, Emmanuelle Reva deserved the Oscar.  She started out as an elegant and accomplished woman in a loving marriage and was transformed, ravished by an unexpected illness.  Brilliant.


Best Supporting Actor:

Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)

About Getting it Wrong:

He Said:  I called it just before they announced it!  I didn’t realize who he was, but he was the best part of Django!

She Said:  After seeing all the movies, Waltz deserved the win.  He was a major part of the movie and did an excellent job.  Part con-man, part hit-man, who in the end was basically a good guy.  Well-deserved.


Best Supporting Actress Nominees:

Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

He Said: I got it wrong but just watch Anne Hathaway sing “I Dreamed a Dream” and you’ll understand why she won.

She Said:  Nailed it!  Again, suck it!


Best Directing:

Life of Pi (Ang Lee)

About Getting it Wrong:

He Said: Why couldn’t Ang Lee do as good of a job with that Hulk movie!

She Said:  Still surprised, but it made me want to read the book, something I didn’t want to do at all before.  Wicked tiger (even though it was 80% CGI).


Final Score:

He Said: 1 correct category

She Said: 2 correct categories (but I did get most of the lesser categories correct.  So, suck it!)


Well there you have it!  She has bragging rights now. (and 4evah!)


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He Saw/She Saw Oscar Edition /2013/01/20/he-sawshe-saw-oscar-edition/ /2013/01/20/he-sawshe-saw-oscar-edition/#comments Sun, 20 Jan 2013 07:01:49 +0000 /?p=2603 Logo

Here are our picks for the Oscars and why:


Best Picture Nominees:

Amour                         Beats of the Southern Wild

Argo                            Django Unchained

Les Misérables            Life of Pi

Lincoln                        Silver Linings Playbook

Zero Dark Thirty


And the Winner is…


Sam Avatar


HIM: Lincoln – Obviously.  Everyone’s favorite president.  If it’s good enough to be a state’s capital, it’s good enough for an Oscar!


Toni Avatar


HER: Les Misérables.  Hit Broadway show plus Wolverine, Gladiator, and Catwoman? Singing?  No contest.


Best Actor Nominees:

Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook)

Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Hugh Jackman (Les Misérables)

Joaquin Phoenix (The Master)

Denzel Washington (Flight)


And the Winner is…


Sam Avatar


HIM: Hugh Jackman – Anyone who would endure not only playing a Frenchman, but the French sewers, deserves something!


Toni Avatar


HER:  Daniel Day-Lewis.  Previous Oscar winner playing a beloved president in a historical period piece so brilliant that it kept us interested, even when we all knew how it was going to end.  Enough said.


Best Actress Nominees:

Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)

Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)

Emmanuelle Riva (Amour)

Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild)

Naomi Watts (The Impossible)


And the Winner is…


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HIM:  Jennifer Lawrence – Have you seen her?  She’s crazy and can use a bow, I’m afraid not to let her win…



Toni AvatarHER:  Haven’t seen any of these movies… yet.  (And oh… btw… He hasn’t either!)  To make an educated guess, I’m going to have to suspend judgment until after The Oscar Showcase.  Then I’ll have seen at least four out of five of the actresses at work.  Hopefully, I can post an update before The Academy Awards ceremony airs.


Best Supporting Actor Nominees:

Alan Arkin (Argo)

Robert De Niro (Silver Linings Playbook)

Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Master)

Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln)

Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)


And the Winner is…


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HIM:  Philip Seymour Hoffman- The Oscars love this guy, plus they have to give The Master something since cults run things in Hollywood.


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HER:  See my above prediction.  Only saw Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln, so…


Best Supporting Actress Nominees:

Amy Adams (The Master)

Sally Field (Lincoln)

Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables)

Helen Hunt (The Sessions)

Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook)


And the Winner is…


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HIM: Sally Field- Redemption time!  “We like her again!  We finally like her again!”  She really embraced the mentally-ill first lady role.  (I thought she was Hillary Clinton for a minute there…)


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HER:  Anne Hathaway.  Hey, I like Gidget too, but she can’t sing (at least as far as I know).


Best Director:

Michael Haneke (Amour)

Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild)

Ang Lee (Life of Pi)

Steven Spielberg (Lincoln)

David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook)


And the Winner is…


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HIM: David O. Russell.  Spielberg is too easy of a choice, a little new blood would make this guy a great Oscar upset!


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HER:  Steven Spielberg.  Previous Oscar winning director making a movie about a beloved president in a historical period piece so brilliant that it kept us interested, even when we all knew how it was going to end.  Enough said.  (Hey, that sounds familiar… but I have been sick with the flu for over two weeks, and I’m tired.  And it’s still true.)



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HE SAYS:  And there you have it!  Do you think we are spot-on or way off base?  Let us know.  We will be bragging about how well “He Saw” did right after the Oscars on February 24th!


Toni AvatarSHE SAYS:  Be kind though!  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as we well know!  Look for an Oscar Showcase in your area, movies all day, and you can eat your weight in popcorn!  (Although you’ll be tired of it after a bag and a half.  Trust me!)


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He Saw/She Saw Vol. #2 /2013/01/13/he-sawshe-saw-vol-2/ /2013/01/13/he-sawshe-saw-vol-2/#comments Sun, 13 Jan 2013 07:01:16 +0000 /?p=1953 Logo

LincolnLincoln (2012)
Rated PG-13 (for an intense scene of war violence, some images of carnage and brief strong language)

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Daniel Day-Lewis
Sally Field
David Strathairn
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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HE SAW: This movie was a little chatty.  A lot of talking about the 13th Amendment and the lengths gone to in order to get it passed.  The serious tone and subject matter made it seem long.  Not that I was expecting a bunch of action or gags from this movie about the most awesome of presidents.  Great acting by all; I liked seeing J. Gordon Levitt as Abe’s son and James Spader gave some comic relief to this movie.  Sally Fields should see an Oscar nomination along with that guy from There Will Be Blood.  It wasn’t totally historically accurate though.  Spoiler Alert:  Not a single vampire.


Toni AvatarSHE SAW: Abraham Lincoln has always been my favorite president (I know, I know… everyone says that).  As a kid I was an avid reader, and I loved all of the stories about him.  If you believe them, he was everything I wish for when I’m voting for president now: intelligent, decent, and honest with a good sense of humor.  You gotta have a sense of humor to run a whole country, right?  This movie reiterated all of those characteristics so, if you’re a Lincoln fan, (and really, who isn’t?  And yes, I was born in the South!) you will probably be interested.  It was, granted, long and wordy, quite like the man himself, but the performances were uncanny.  Sally Field was perfect as Mary Todd Lincoln, slightly manic and very protective of a husband whom she clearly adored.  And Daniel Day Lewis was dead on as the main character, playing an ole’ Kentucky/Indiana boy without even a hint of a brogue!  And Sam, not every movie has to feature the undead or comics!  Just think of Lincoln as a frontier super hero and play along.


This is 40This is 40 (2012)
Rated R (for sexual content, crude humor, pervasive language and some drug material)

Directed by Judd Apatow

Paul Rudd
Leslie Mann
Maude Apatow
Iris Apatow

Sam AvatarHE SAW: I was 40. Spoiler Alert: This is not 40.  There seemed to be lots of unfinished thoughts and sub-plots that just never hit the mark or got their stride.  (Hey, maybe this is 40 after all).  This might’ve looked good during production, but in editing they must’ve just put clips together and hoped we’d go along with it.  Even Paul Rudd couldn’t get this disjointed movie off the ground (but I still like that guy).  Although touted as the “sort of” sequel to Knocked Up, there was only one small nod to that movie, and I would like an explanation, Apatow!  Not that I expected a complete tie-in, but maybe a cameo by your buddy, Seth Rogen, updating his relationship status with Katherine Heigel.  I like to imagine that her character met a tragic end.  I mean, if she was so tight with her sister, why wasn’t she at her birthday party in this movie?  Wait, I know why, a satellite fell on her head while interviewing Matthew Fox.


Toni AvatarSHE SAW:  So, why did we need a “big” birthday and Christmas in one movie?  My bet is that it was so they could release it during the holiday season.  In other words… cha-ching!  Same reason they strung a bunch of improvised scenes together and called it a movie.  To paraphrase a better romcom, the only thought was of the cash register. And instead of a heart, this movie has a bottom line.  In other words, how much money can I make while allowing my wife and kids to be in a movie?  Hey, I love Paul Rudd as much as any bromance lovin’ girl, but at least have the funniest clip from the trailer actually in the movie!  The part where Rudd’s character was teasing his daughter as she was Skyping with a boy made me want to see This is 40!  They should have called it This is Disappointed.


Les MiserablesLes Misérables (2012)
Rated PG-13 (for suggestive and sexual material, violence and thematic elements)

Directed by Tom Hooper

Hugh Jackman
Anne Hathaway
Russell Crowe
Amanda Seyfried

Sam AvatarHE SAW: France is dirty.  And everyone in France had British or Australian accents before the Revolution.  Really, it was a wonderful film.  Visually stunning, it gave the story the feeling and mood it deserved.  Anne Hathaway: Wow, what a great performance; same for Hugh Jackman.  Yep, Catwoman and Wolverine sure were good!  I think they cloned Dakota Fanning again, that little girl was spot on and Amanda Seyfried has a beautiful voice.  The movie was just too long for me.  There’s an intermission at the play, so that breaks it up, I guess.  Maybe it was the smelly hippie sitting next to Toni, (maybe he was just French) or the couple having a sing-a-long next to me that made it seem long.  It definitely made a case for a home theater in the future.  If you go see this movie remember:  a) Shower first, you’ll be glad when you see the shit bath that Hugh Jackman takes.  b) People came to hear Wolverine sing, not you.  Man, singing and shit baths, Hugh Jackman earned his money on this movie!


Toni AvatarSHE SAW: First off, Anne Hathaway…not my favorite actress.  But I have to admit, she was vulnerable and clearly very talented in Les Misérables.  Same for Russell Crowe…not my favorite.  But then Javert is supposed to be unlikeable; so, it worked for me.  I really enjoyed that they sang live, it lent a believability to the movie.  Those big voices usually found in the Broadway version may have been too big on the “big screen.”  Sam is right though… sandwiched between a group of smelly young guys who grunted through the entire movie and ice-chewing wannabe Broadway stars isn’t really the way to spend an afternoon at the movies.  Not even one as good as this.

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He Saw/She Saw Vol. #1 /2013/01/04/he-sawshe-saw-vol-1/ /2013/01/04/he-sawshe-saw-vol-1/#comments Fri, 04 Jan 2013 00:01:30 +0000 /?p=974 Looper (2012)
Rated R (for strong violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and drug content)

Directed by Rian Johnson

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Bruce Willis
Emily Blunt
Jeff Daniels



HE SAW:  Time-travel  hurts my head.  Too many loopholes.  If I met my future self I’d ask two questions:  “Where’d our hair go” and “dude, why’d we get so fat?”  Last thing I’d do?  Kill my future self!  He’d be like my all-knowing Jiminy-Cricket and fix all the mistakes he made, and I’m about to make! “That’s not a good idea man, when I tried that it totally pissed her off!  Go jewelry instead of the vacuum.”  You couldn’t buy better advice than that!  Oh and wrap your head around this spoiler alert: It never happened…See why it hurts my head?!


SHE SAW:  My first thought while watching this movie?  Man, the future looks pretty bleak.  My second thought?  Bruce Willis wishes he had that much hair at that age.  In all, this movie held my attention, although I found Joseph Gordon Levitt’s prosthetics and make-up somewhat distracting.  The changes in his appearance didn’t make him look enough like Willis to warrant all of that, and I thought he captured Willis’ mannerisms well enough to make it unnecessary.  That said; see this movie if you like time travel and contemplating how it would affect the past, present, and future (but not if you don’t like creepy little telekinetic kids).

See? Distracting right?


A less creepy moment.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)
Rated PG-13 (for mature thematic material, drug and alcohol use, sexual content including references, and a fight – all involving teens)

Directed by Stephen Chbosky

Logan Lerman
Emma Watson
Ezra Miller
Melanie Lynskey



HE SAW:   It seemed funny to me that this generation’s Breakfast Club is set in… Wait, what year was it supposed to be?  I thought I was in three different decades in this movie!  That distracted me, but not enough to keep me from enjoying the trio of young characters who all had their individual strengths and problems.  These kids from “the land of misfit toys” dealt with what you’d think would be modern issues during a less accepting time…I just don’t know when that time was exactly.  The past, let’s just say the past was less accepting.  Even in the liberal state of…Wait, where did they go to school?  What state was this in?  Point is, it doesn’t matter; Their situations are timeless, as well as the message that none of us are alone.  We just don’t know where we are or what decade we’re in…


SHE SAW:  The trailer states that the perks of being a wallflower is “The Breakfast Club of this generation.”  As much as I liked it, I have to disagree.  The Breakfast Club was lighter with glimpses of darker subtexts.  This movie is darker in tone, though it has plenty of humor.  There are similarities in theme, however, of feeling alone and unloved and misunderstood.  Most of us have had those feelings; no matter how old we are… even though, in our heads, no one else could possibly be going through those same things.  Showing my age, I would more easily compare it to Ordinary People, a book I read at Charlie’s age till my copy was tattered and falling apart.  I’ve never actually read this particular book because it was classified as YA, but Logan Lermer’s performance as Charlie alone is enough to put the perks of being a wallflower on my “To Read” list.


My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend 

Hey! We like the Olive Garden!

HE SAW:  Sleep Walk With Me was great.  It follows Mike Birbiglia’s stand up and Broadway act of the same name.  We went to his new show, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, with my son, his wife and my step daughter.  Before the show I wanted to look at the souvenir table and who was working there but Mike Birbiglia’s brother “Joe-Bags”!  Birbigs talks about him in several of his bits, so I was excited to meet him.   We bought  posters and rushed to get both of their autographs after the show.  When I stepped up for my autograph Mike noticed my shirt and this happened:

 I’d forgotten that my shirt matched the poster but was thrilled when a couple of days later he posted this picture on his Facebook.  Birbiglia was very nice and grateful that we thought so much of his act that we had seen it twice!   He’s like a guy you’re probably already friends with.  The guy that may share a little too much, and so you feel a little sorry for him.  But you root for him, you want it all to work out for him.  It’s nice that Mike Birbiglia wants to share so much of his life with you, it makes you feel personally involved in the outcome.   Go see his movie, see his live shows.  You won’t be disappointed.

SHE SAW:  To put it mildly, I like Mike Birbiglia.  He is punched into my DVR.  I drove ten hours to see his show My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, then drove ten hours back the next day, and then paid to see it again in Omaha just six months later.  And I bought the t-shirt.  I have Sleepwalk with Me on CD, have the text on my Nook, went to see the movie at Filmstreams, and then watched it again OnDemand.  Oh, and you know I’m going to buy it as soon as it’s on DVD.  It’s not creepy; I’m not a stalker or anything.  I just want to buy him a drink (or two), hang out with him, eat some Sun Chips, maybe get some pizza, be his friend…   Birbiglia likes to say he’s not really Italian, he’s “Olive Garden Italian.”  Well, this Lucky Charms Irish girl would go to The Olive Garden anytime!

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