I Heart: The Space Nerd Edition


I’m excited to announce a new regular feature for Geektastic – The Space Nerd Files!  Starting in February, I’ll be doing regular astronomy-related posts.  There will probably be a bit of crossover with Internet Things, as Kris and I are joining the Denver Astronomical Society.  To tide you over until then, this week’s I Heart is all about space!

Any space nerd worth their salt should be listening to the weekly podcast StarTalk Radio, hosted by astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Tyson hosts the podcast with a comedian cohost (previous cohosts include Lynne Koplitz, Chuck Nice, and Eugene Mirman) and features a variety of guests from the world of science and technology.  StarTalk is a very approachable way to learn about our universe and science as a whole, and I highly recommend it to those with even a passing interest in those subjects.  You can also watch exclusive StarTalk videos on the Nerdist YouTube Channel!

Sea and Sky has a great comprehensive astronomy calendar, perfect for keeping up with celestial events.  You can also check your local astronomical society’s website for events and information for your area.

Looking to read up on the universe?  I’ve got three great suggestions that are entertaining as well as informative!  Death by Black Hole by Neil deGrasse Tyson and How I Killed Pluto and Why it Had it Coming by Mike Brown are definite must-reads.  I’m also encouraging my fellow space nerd noobs to pre-order Bang! The Complete History of the Universe by Brian May (yes, that Brian May), Patrick Moore, and Chris Lintott.  Check out what Bad Astronomer Phil Plait has to say about it:

It basically takes the reader on a tour of the entire universe, and tells you everything you wants to know… It’s beautifully described, accurate and they feature fantastic photography. If you like astronomy and those Hubble pictures on the Internet, don’t know much but would love to learn more, this would be a great book for you.

Astronomy Day is Saturday, April 20th!  Most local astronomical societies will host events, including public open houses at Dark Skies sights and educational events at nearby museums.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other space enthusiasts and check out telescopes!

Are you on Twitter?  Follow these awesome accounts:

@MarsCuriosity (Curiosity Rover) – Near daily updates and lots of pictures from the rover currently exploring the surface of Mars!

@CassiniSaturn (Cassini spacecraft) – The craft orbits Saturn and regularly tweets amazing pictures!

@tweetsoutloud (Bobak Ferdowsi) – Known as “NASA Mohawk Guy”, Ferdowsi is the flight director of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission.

@VeronicaMcG (Veronica MCGregor) – The NASA-JPL social media manager and one third of the three woman team behind @MarsCuriosity.

@neiltyson (Neil deGrasse Tyson) – Tyson’s twitter feed mixes pop culture references with science and space info – perfect for the well-rounded geek!

@BadAstronomer (Phil Plait) – Boulderite astronomer Phil Plait is also well-known as an experienced skeptic.

@plutokiller (Mike Brown) – Even though I disagree with his views on Pluto’s planetary status, he’s an amazing scientist and really fun to follow on Twitter!


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