The Team

Tab [Geek-in-Chief/Blogger]

Tab is 31 and married with three adorable kitties [Sullivan, Darby, and Zed]. Her life revolves around books, movies, Dr Pepper, robots, zombies, and occasionally, zombie robots. She is many things, including a pop culture junkie, fild nerd, grammar enthusiast, and an amateur astronomer/scientist.  She is the creator/founder of The Geektastics and author of the mini blog GEEKTASTIC.

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Kris [Site Manager/Blogger]

By day, Kris is a 31 year old IT technician.  By night (and on weekends), he’s also a Star Wars fanatic, dedicated Whovian, and part-time soccer hooligan. When not working on computer-related stuff, he can usually be found trying new beers or building with LEGO® bricks.   Kris is the author of the tech mini blog INTERNET THINGS.

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Rhianna [Blogger/PR]

Rhianna is a 32 year old first time geek mom. She hopes to raise her daughter, Sierra, with a love of reading, science fiction, fantasy, computers, gaming, and a love of the outdoors. Rhianna likes a lot of different geek genres, but doesn’t consider herself a die-hard fan of any of them…more of a lover of most.  She is the author of the mini blog BAG OF HOLDING.

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Erica [Blogger]

Erica is a 27 year old geek living with her fianceé. In between watching Doctor Who and building Lord of the Rings LEGO® sets, she spends her time watching anime.  She is the author of the mini blog E’S ANIME REVIEWS.

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Toni and Sam [Bloggers]

Toni is an elementary school teacher who finds an outlet in movies (and popcorn).  Sam is a lifelong comic book nerd.  Together, they see countless films and love on their adorable dog, Bixby (named for Bill Bixby, the star of the 1977 television series “The Incredible Hulk.”)  Toni and Sam are the authors of the mini blog HE SAW/SHE SAW.

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Keith Avatar Keith [Blogger]

Exposed to dangerous levels of toxic radiation after his home planet exploded, Keith McGuffey’s spaceship crash landed on Earth! Developing super powers derived from his connection to the mystical Amethyst of Kashyyyk and trained in martial arts by his mysterious sensei Stalk, Keith McGuffey would grow up to become… Keith McGuffey!  Keith is author of the mini blog LETTERS TO SUPERHEROES.

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