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Serial Experiments Lain: Super Crossover Post Special!

Today we’re bringing you a new Geektastics Crossover post between E’s Anime Reviews and Internet Things! Together, Kris and Erica bring you a new Geektastics special: Drunk reviews! Warning: This post is very long and full of spoilers. Read at your own risk! Kris:  for our first review we are watching ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ it’s […]

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Guest Post of Holding: Erica from The Geektastics!

Erica is a geek-girl and mini-blogger for the Geektastics community. She lives with her fiancee and their kitten, and plans their geeky wedding when there’s time. She grew up watching Startrek with her dad, and blames him for starting her on the path to geekiness. 1. We survived Denver Comic Con 2013! YAY! What was […]

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Three Anime You Should Be Watching

It’s a new season for anime, and three series in particular have really stood out on my anime radar. Time to fire up your Hulu accounts, two of these are not available on Crunchy Roll. We’re already eight episodes into this season, so now is a good time to catch up! First up is Attack […]

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Tsun vs Yan

So I’ve noticed the terms “Tsundere” and “Yandere” floating around on various anime sites, and I started wondering, what’s the difference? Not to worry, gentle readers, I have tirelessly searched wikipedia over the past ten minutes to educate you! We’ll start with Tsundere. According to the wiki article, tsundere characters begin cold and even hostile […]

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Hooray for six-day work weeks!  -_-  Ugh. On the bright side, new review! Also known as My Little Monster, this series follows Mizutani Shizuku and Yoshida Haru, two very socially inept students, as they fall in love. Haru hasn’t been to school since the first day, when he beat up some bullies. Since then, he spent […]

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Vividred Operation

Not far in the future, a revolutionary machine called the Manifestation Engine powers all electric devices in the world. The creator of the machine, Isshiki Kenjiro warns of a menace bent on destroying the engine, but no one believes him. Disgraced, he works in secret to prepare for the coming of the Alone. Five years […]

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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

What is this I don’t even… What the hell did I just watch? Oh god, my brain. I’m sorry I’ve done this to you, brain. It looks so cute, right? Nope. Full of blood and nonsense. I’m having a pretty hard time describing this one because of the sheer stupidity of it all. Ok, I’ll […]

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Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone

So first off, I gotta say: I am absolutely thrilled that Toonami is back on Adult Swim. When I was but a budding nerd back in the early double zeroes, Toonami was the only place to find anime on cable (as far as I knew). And that was where I first saw Outlaw Star, Cowboy […]

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I should be very disappointed in myself. This is one of my favorite anime of all time, and I haven’t said anything about it yet. I am shamed. Mushi are creatures that live in a world outside of human perception. Usually small and harmless, the exist in harmony with the earth and the life forces […]

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Mirai Nikki

Eh, haven’t felt like writing lately. But I just finished this series, so I thought I’d post something. Mirai Nikki follows the ‘hero’ Amano Yukiteru, a second-year middle school student who is an antisocial recluse that spends most of his time writing a diary on his cell phone. He eases his loneliness by imagining a friend, […]

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