Bag of Holding

Rhianna is a first time mom from Colorado.  She is interested in many geek genres, but doesn’t consider herself a die-hard fan of any, more a lover of most.  BAG OF HOLDING centers on her serious passions – parenting, books, and Disney!


The trials of raising a geekling.
A series of book reviews with a concentration on paranormal romance.
A fangirl’s look at everything Disney.
Crafts, quilts, and projects; oh my!
A series of posts focused on generic geek topics.
Miscellaneous posts.
A special guest post or interview.


National Novel Writing Month National Novel Writing Month (November)
 GIVEAWAY A chance to win free stuff?!  Rock on!
 ZOMBIE_2  Your Zombie Apocalypse survival guide as chosen by this year’s guest interviewees. Check the Bag of Holding ride side bar for your guide! (updated often)
jbf Just Between Friends Consignment Sale


Rom Con RomCon – Where Romance Rules
Denver Comic Con Denver Comic Con
ted TED – Ideas Worth Spreading
ren faire Colorado Renaissance Festival