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(c) Cait Wells

(c) Cait Wells

Meet Cait from Read, Drink, and Be Bloggy!

Cait Wells is a Jill-of-All-Trades; mother of one, engaged to her best friend, and attempting to be an author. She enjoys reading, writing, and lately has gotten into exploring all different types of crafts such as: sewing, knitting, photography, cooking, and wedding planning. She is currently attending school to become a licensed American Sign Language Interpreter and is working at Starbucks in the meantime.

1. On your blog Read, Drink, and Be Bloggy you take time out to discuss body image. Why is body image so important?

Well, I’ll be honest, when I decided I was sick of looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw I did something about it. [I]t wasn’t easy and it took a long time, but I got myself down to a reasonable weight, not my goal, but not “morbidly obese” according to the BMI chart either. Mostly, though, I got so tired of seeing all of the posters of curvy pinup girls being posted saying men like curves and curvy girls are sexier than twig models. That’s absolutely true… but the girls I mostly saw posting them weren’t curvy, like the pin ups, they were obese, like I was. I think they were using it as an excuse to stay fat. I’m all for loving ones self and that isn’t to say these girls weren’t still beautiful, but I think it’s important to be realistic too. I posted a picture of myself in a bikini to prove I wasn’t a pin up nor was my body “sexy” but I was trying, still am.

2. What was the deciding factor that led you to go back to school for a degree as an American Sign Language Translator?

I originally went back to school to get an English degree for writing, writing has been the only passion I’ve ever had, but I realized that, realistically, if I graduated with a degree in English my chances for getting a job were kinda slim, and as for making money as a writer… it would be years, if ever, before I could contribute to my family’s income. My role model, writer Darynda Jones, was an ASl interpreter, and I had to take a “foreign” language for my degree anyway, and I just ended up falling in love with the language. Also, it was kind of meant to be. My birth mother, Tami, is Deaf and Jesse and I have several friends who are Deaf. It seemed like someone out there was trying to tell me that maybe this was a way I could better connect with these people in my life as well as contribute to my family’s income when I graduated. It was Darynda who told me “you don’t have to have a degree to be a writer.” That was kind of something that blew my mind a little bit.

3. Firefly is one of the best Science Fiction shows ever. Are you a fan? If so, what is your favorite episode and why?

Oh man! I LOVE firefly and I love ALL of the episodes, but I think Heart of Gold is one of my favorites (sex scene with Nathan Fillion and actress Malinda Clark was super hot). I also love love love Shindig: the scene where Kaylee is in her poofy pink dress and called Mal Captain Tightpants, “questions the buffet table”, and Kaylee (At first) gets snubbed by all the snotty girls but then ends up being the life of the party talking ship engines with all the boys was like a big HOORA for all of us “nerdy” girls. Then of course there’s the part where River comes out an talks to Badger in an Australian accent ((actually, it was an Irish accent))… the whole episode is classic Joss Whedon. Oh, AND I love when Mal and Inara are discussing how the reason Mal got himself into the situation where he needs to have a duel with swords is that he punched Inara’s date after he treats her like an object. She says “He insinuates that I’m a whore but you call me one to my face every day.” and he says “That’s differen’t, I don’t respect your job, he didn’t respect you.” That to me was like… so old school cowboy I just loved it. I also love Trash… because you get to see Nathan Fillion’s naked tushy. Mmmm.

4. When you have a night to yourself, what do you enjoy doing with your free time?

Oh, boy, that’s pretty rare haha! But, when I do, I love to write, read, and watch movies!

5. What has been the hardest part of being a parent?

I think the hardest part is dealing with people who don’t understand what it takes to be a parent, the fact that every living moment is no longer devoted to myself, but to my son… sometimes it just flies over peoples heads. I don’t get it, like, that should be a given. James is an unnaturally easy kid, he’s such a little angel and I’m really not one of those parents who says that kind of thing, but man, when he’s teething or sick it breaks my heart to see him in pain and makes my little angel a bit of a monster. I think that’s par for the course with kids though.

6. What has been the most rewarding part of being a parent?

I love everything about being a parent, I don’t always think I’m doing a great job, and there are days I know I could be doing much better, but just seeing every new thing James learns and does is such a treat.

7. What is your favorite organization/cause to support and why?

I haven’t had much money to really contribute to any causes, but I have a few I really wish I could support. One is the Special Olympics, those kids just have so much heart and are really an under appreciated part of society, it’d be nice to be able to support an event that can really make them feel proud about themselves and their achievements. Also, I have recently fallen in love with this little girl Talia, she has two types of very aggressive cancer and instead of wearing wigs she wears make up. She has such a beautiful little soul and her make up tips are FANTASTIC!!

8. The zombie apocalypse is upon us and you have to choose one can of food to live off of for months: creamed corn, Campbell’s SpaghettiOs®, spam, or super spicy chili?

Oh jeez… I guess SpaghettiO’s cause at least there’s a little bit on meat in there that doesn’t resemble dog food haha!

9. What has been the most rewarding part to creative writing in your free time?

I love developing characters and writing details. The best part of writing is when I’m going and going and all of a sudden I’ve written in something I hadn’t originally thought of. It’s like, wow! Where’d that come from??

10. How do you combat writers block: Paper, Scissors, or Rock?

Rock: a well placed rock can be a huge asset. For instance, I’d rather disable my computer with a rock than have it crash internally… at least with a rock you can usually recover the hard drive lol.

11. Marshmallow Peeps or Jelly Beans?

Jelly Belly’s! And I’ll only eat the pear ones. Mmmm

12. Valentine’s Day – do you love it or hate it?

I’ll admit Jesse and I are usually huge failures at V-day. I usually end up buying my own gift lol, but I’m a big sap and so I love it.

13. What is the next book release you are looking forward to and why?

My reading has really gone down the tube since I went back to school and since James started walking… but I’m always looking forward to new Darynda Jones book.

14. Everyone has a guilty book/show/band/movie/etc. that they LOVE, but are embarrassed to tell anyone else they like it. What is yours?

I’m also painfully addicted to Jennifer Estep’s Mythos Academy books. The story is awesome but the writing and dialogue can be painful… still, I can’t stop reading them!! Several of my TV shows are also guilty pleasures, I love Glee, Supernatural, Beauty and the Beast, Alphas, Lost Girl, Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth…. there’s too many to name honestly.

15. What is your favorite date night activity?

Typically Jesse and I go to the movies, but I also love the Melting Pot when we can afford to go.

(c) Cait Wells

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