I Heart: The Inventive Wedding Edition


Summer is wedding season and I love seeing cool, creative elements of weddings.  Here are some especially geeky weddings that I would have loved to attend!


Ben Kokes handmade his fiancee’s super inventive LED engagement ring!

LED Engagement Ring

The finished product! (Click through for a step-by-step process of how Ben created the ring.)

As a huge zombie fan, I absolutely loved these zombie-themed engagement pictures!

Offbeat Bride is the ultimate creative wedding porn website, so it’s obviously the perfect place for Alex and Scott show off their amazing Hitchhiker’s Guide programs!

Laura and Kate combined their interests to create a “Science-Meets-Literature” wedding!

The Little Cherry Cake Company proves that cakes can be beautiful and creepy with this awesome Predator and Alien wedding cake!


About Tab

Tab is a 30 year old geek - married with three adorable kitties [Sullivan, Darby, and Zed]. Her life revolves around books, movies, Dr Pepper, robots, zombies, and occasionally, zombie robots. She is the creator of The Geektastics and author of the blog Geektastic.
  • rrhiannon99

    The Hitchiker programs are just AWESOME!!!!

  • amyWI

    Oh man…I LOVE those zombie themed pics!! They are beyond awesome!! I wish my husband and I had thought of that. Well, that was 8 yrs ago…if we ever renew our vows, we’re definitely doing that!