T.A.R.D.I.S. of Holding: Denver Comic Con Recap


Tardis of Holding

Dever Comic Con was my second “con” event – the first being RomCon a few weeks earlier.  They were both very different, and both awesome in their own way.

My whole family went to Denver Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday, so I had my husband and 2 year old in tow. Although we all had a GREAT time, it was exhausting as well. My husband says next year he only wants to go one day, but I want to go for all three if I can. They had a gaming room we didn’t find until the end and it would have been neat to play Settlers of Catan with others.  Artists Alley was AWESOME and I wish I would have spent my cash there (and had more wall space in my home to display it!).   The face painting for the kiddos was a nice addition for our family, and I really liked seeing all the costumes. Some were SO amazing!  And it was neat to see the attention my daughter got for being dressed as baby chell.


Event Ratings:

Fun scale (out of five): five

Family-friendly scale (out of five) : four

Would I go again: Hell yes!  I already have cosplay ideas…

Things to remember next time: 

  • There will be LOTS of people
  • Meeting celebrities costs money, boo!

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Rhianna is a 30 year old first time geek mom. She hopes to raise her daughter, Sierra, with a love of reading, science fiction, fantasy, computers, gaming, and a love of the outdoors. Rhianna likes a lot of different geek genres, but doesn’t consider herself a die-hard fan of any of them…more of a lover of most. She is the author of the mini-blog BAG OF HOLDING.

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