T.A.R.D.I.S. of Holding: Farewell My Doctor


Tardis of Holding


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Today I am allowing myself to mourn the lost of MY doctor.  Even though I had friends telling me for years to check out Doctor Who it wasn’t until Matt Smith that I actually checked out an episode and was hooked within the hour.  He will always be MY doctor, and I am sad to see him go.  I love his personality, his screw driver, his mannerisms, and his adventures. I most certainly adore his wife. I thought Matt Smith was brilliant in the roll, and I am glad the market for bow ties and Fez’s has picked up due to the show.   The 11th Doctor is what made me get sucked into the show and go backwards to watch the 10th and 9th. Although this isn’t the first regeneration I have seen, it’s the first where the next Doctor is an unknown for me.  Before, when I watched a regeneration there was always the “known” that Matt Smith was the end result. Now there is a blank slate which is filled with hope and anxiety.  So, until December, I will say my goodbyes to my 11th Doctor.

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(c) Doctor Who


PS: I hate Clara.

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