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Mini Blogs

Geektastic Icon Get a look at geek culture from the perspective of a lifelong fangirl in Tab's GEEKTASTIC!
Internet Things Icon With permission from the Elders of the Internet, Kris brings you INTERNET THINGS, a look inside the mind of a techie gearhead Whovian.
BOH Icon Rhianna combines her love of books and Disney with tales of geeky parenting in her eclectic and many colored BAG OF HOLDING !
EAR Icon E'S ANIME REVIEWS is a somewhat-weekly review of anime that Erica watches on Crunchy Roll. From horror to harem-romance-fantasies, she watches it all so you don’t have to. Unless you want to. She won’t judge.
HSSS Icon Toni and Sam bring you differing gender perspectives on film in 140 words or less in HE SAW/SHE SAW. If they were any shorter, they’d be tweets!
LTS Icon In a world where the Hulk’s pants are always purple, Keith asks the tough questions in … LETTERS TO SUPERHEROES

The Latest From the Blog

Dear Iron Fist,

Dear Iron Fist, I’d first like to know how white guys who study karate for like 20 minutes are so damn good at karate. You, Batman, Karate Kid, Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. There’s got to be some kind of conspiracy going on there. Speaking of Batman, I’m upset that you didn’t go the […]

Dear Raven,

Dear Raven, Why no pants? I’ll never understand why heroines will cover their entire upper half, then go around with no pants. That girl from Gen 13 does it, Ms. Marvel used to do it, and I just don’t get it. You have a cloak, but no pants. I’ll also never understand why you need […]

Dear Lion-O,

Dear Lion-O, There are so many things wrong with your look. Mostly stemming from the fact that only your abs are showing.  It’s like a weird bikini. I never understood the underwear with boots combo thing that you have going on either. And the baby blue isn’t very flattering. Do cat people even need clothes?  […]

Dear Ray Fillet,

Dear Ray Fillet, I always thought you were the coolest of the Mighty Mutanimals when as a kid, because manta rays are awesome.  I like the big, brooding shoulder wing dealies and the devil tail, too. Plus you’re clearly super strong and can live underwater. You’re like Aquaman if he was a manta ray. All […]

Dear Mr. Terrific,

Dear Mr. Terrific, Being invisible to technology sounds cool, but I think it provides you with some very crippling everyday weaknesses.  How do you use gas station bathrooms?  Or do you just never wash your hands?  How do you get into grocery stores with automatic doors?  Can you use an IPad?  Will Siri listen to […]

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