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Welcome to Nightvale

I’ve been hearing rumblings about the awesomenimity of “Welcome to Night Vale” for awhile, so I finally decided to check it out for myself. It took me all of five minutes to get completely hooked, mostly because of this:

Hello listeners. To start things off I’ve been asked to read this brief notice: the city council announces the opening of a new dog park at the corner of Earl and Summerset near the Ralph’s. They would like to remind everyone that dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park. It is possible you will see hooded figures in the dog park. Do not approach them. Do not approach the dog park. The fence is electrified and highly dangerous. Try not to look at the dog park, and especially do not look for any period of time at the hooded figures. The dog park will not harm you.

Described as “news from Lake Woebegone as written by Stephen King”, “Welcome to Night Vale” is a bi-monthly podcast set in a small desert town plagued by mysterious supernatural creatures and events.  Cecil Baldwin is the velvety voiced town crier of Night Vale.  A slave to the city council, ominous “hooded figures”, and his shadowy station management, Cecil reassures Night Vale citizens despite the constant stream of strange happenings and not so subtly professes his love for Carlos, the scientist investigating the town.

If you love sci-fi and horror (and have a twisted sense of humor), check out “Welcome to Night Vale“.  The entire series thus far is available free to download from iTunes, so you really have no excuse not to.  Do it . . . THE MIGHTY GLOW CLOUD COMMANDS YOU!*

* (The Cloud also commands you to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.  ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD! ALL HAIL!)

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