Guest Post of Holding: Josh from Etsy


Guest Post of Holding

joshMeet Josh from Clockwork Creations!

Joshua hart, is an artist, author, and an eclectic eccentric man about town, A psychiatric case manager for the homeless mentally ill, he spends his off hours highly involved in the national steampunk artist scene. He has a degree in Experimental Psychology with a minor in art and anthropology, and a diverse skill set from automotive repair and hobbyist hydrodynamic engineering to bar tending and motivational interviewing. Some of his well know accomplishments in the fandom community are the now defunked webcomic Hex’d and his alter ego, the Baron.

1.The zombie apocalypse is upon us and you have to choose one weapon of mid-ranged zombie destruction: a pump action shotgun, an AR-15, hand grenades, or dynamite?

This is a hard question, not because I have not thought of it, but because I really don’t like any of the answers, but If I have to take one of them it would be the AR-15 because it’s the one with the most accuracy, and highest ammo cap. Best chance at a head shot with it as far as I can tell.   Honest best choice answer for me is a .22 long rifle and a spear.  Lets you shot very accuracy for very little weight, and not much noise. The spear lets you hold a hallway for days and let you stab outward from on high or from being a wall with a hole in it.

2.    I am not the biggest fan of Anime.  What is one Anime or Manga you would suggest to attempt to turn non-Anime lovers to the Otaku side?

That’s a hard choice, I mean there are a lot of good ones out there for people just starting out.  Cowboy BEBOP for its shear freaking awesomeness?  Tenchi Muyo for the humor and harem style, and it was my gateway drug, or maybe something from Hayao Miyazaki, the master of the medium by all measures, l always loved Warriors of the Wind and Porko Roso….no its got to be a series to get you hooked.  So, what’s funny, pulls at your heart strings, made of shear awesome and has a great plot and plus good art?  Trigun.  Yep without a doubt I would say Trigun, its great for people just starting out, and is pretty light, has a lot of humor, and slowly draws you into a very dramatic plot that makes you want to have more answers for the ever growing pile of questions it leaves, plus it has real loss and joy in it that will leave you in tears and the ending actually leaves you satisfied.

3.Fitz’s Root Beer or IBC Root Beer?

Fitz’s for taste and home town pride but not for price and I never really liked IBC but….A&W….now I’ll take that over a Fitz’s any day.

4.    Firefly is one of the best Science Fiction shows ever.  Are you a fan? If so, what is your favorite episode and why?

Gods, there are so many…. Why do you ask such hard questions?  Ok, Um….  Our Mrs. Reynolds.  One it’s the start of Saffron, who I truly do like as a villain, not to mention as one of the hottest redheads of all time.  We also get Vera, the special hell, and we get to see Inara kiss Mal and get laid out by it proving that Nathan is  so hot he can knock a girls socks off even passed out.

5.    Who is Baron bon Bar?

My Steampunk alter ego Hannockacotchi / aka Barron Bon Bar/ AKA  The Reverend General Clockwork  Commander  of the sky legion of the Princess of Akon, as granted by the Lord High Marshal the Sky King, Louis the 17th, keeper of the Sun Throne of  Apollo, bringer of the light and dawn.  As always there’s a story behind this.  And once again, this centers around my newest and funniest device, the Bar-Bak TM.  It was the maiden run of the Bar-Bak with a live load of Mister Vat classic brew TM.  Wisely I had filled tank two with water to fend off dehydration and  chaos kitty and I had been walking round for about two hours and had already  drained one tank and were working on a refill of tank one for the second time.  So that’s about 2 gallons between the two of us of good old fashioned sex on the porch.  Needless to say at this point in the night we were completely trashed.  So since I was a little wobbly and the BarBak TM was getting a bit heavy, so we swung down out our table in artist alley and have ourselves a little set at the table while I gave my back a rest.  So here we were at our artist alley table generally keeping to ourselves being a couple of loud obnoxious drunks and that’s when the Dallas PD came over.  As he walked up he took out his ticket book before he even started to talk.  But wait, this is akon, what is a Dallas cop doing here.

Now this year, the hotel has changed hands, and it’s no longer the Adams Mark, and is now owned by the Sheraton hotel chain and they have changed security as well. In the past, they had a private security company and they were pretty cool with treating us like a private party.  This year the new owners hired off duty Dallas PD.  And that means they act like and have the arrest powers of on duty Dallas PD.  Needless to say, a lot of people where getting arrested for little things like drunk and disorderly in public and open containers, etc.   Not the a-kon I am used to, to say the least.

Even in our inebriated state I knew this was bad news, the cop started to ask about all types of question’s about  my lovely back mounted bar and it looked as if your poor drunken hero, might be meeting people and influencing friends in a Dallas drunk tank doing his best not to make a new boyfriend who likes my long “rodeo hair”.  I stammered out something about theBarbak  being  a steam punk prop and what steam punk was, and was quickly cut off by a now amazingly sober sounding  Chaos, who showed the cop her con security badge and started rattling off this complete line of bullshit about how this is a Prop from a anime called Hannockacotchi,  and that the tank with a #1 on it is evil, but the clear water filled ( remember kids, water is your anti hangover) tank #2 is good.  My jaw dropped for a second or two, before I chimed in with a few details.  The cop who s you remember had his ticket book already out, looked at the steam punk glory of the BarBak TM one more time, and then looked at us, smiled put his little book back and wished us a good night.

We were floored, playing it cool we hung out for a few more minutes and with a triumphant yell of Hannockacotchi, we quickly took out leave.  Hannockacotchi became out war cry for the rest of the con. Inside joke for my A-kon friends and security.   The comic co author thought it was so funny making a comic based off the event little steam punk bartender who lives on a mountain and comes in to town get people drunk and get chanced by a inept constable.

But the story did not end there, this same thing happened at Archon in st Louis and at Dragoncon, and several other cons.  Then I heard of other people doing the same thing who had heard the story. Over the years I have taken to collecting the different uses of the Hannockacotchi and they stories of my experiences as the Baron Bon Bar, the personalities involved, as well as the parts they added to the story in to a cohesive story line, which is to be used at  s the base for a manga which I am slowly writing.   So remember the next time your in-between a rock and a hard place, may the Hannockacotchi be with you.

il_570xN.3520227056.    What has been your coolest invention?

I have a lot of them, and I really could not say what’s coolest, only what other people like and what I like the best.  I mean I love the Doom lens AKA the 40 x30 fesnel lens I use to burn things lol,  I also like a lot of the barware stuff I have made and some of the stuff I have done with lasers.  But I think the best think I have ever made by pubic vote is the ShotGun.  It’s pretty simple, just a retro fitted watergun made to chuck any liquor bottle but man does everyone love it.

7.    What has been your coolest garage sale/flea market/craigslist find?

A copy of True Christendom and the Garden of Paradise printed 1736 from the Benjamin Strotleebe press. As you might guess it is kind of rare. Got it for 5.00.   Not often you get 300 year old books for 5 bucks.

8.    What is your favorite organization/cause to support and why?

I don’t really have a group I support over another as far as a charitable donation type of thing.  Now if you are asking what group out in the great political sphere I support, that would have to be the Occupy movement, they are doing some good work and getting a lot of underhanded dirty deals out into the public eye.

9.    What is your favorite annual event?

Dragon-con without question right now,  Festival of the nations (a massive ethic food and culture festival) here in st Louis is a close second, but Dragon con is something else.  It really is the nexus of everything that is geek in the western world, an expression of the zeitgeist that is geek culture. It’s almost as if every meme from the last year and the year to comes to life and walks off the internet to party for a weekend.  Its really a playground where anything can happen and you get to meet and hang out with expressions of people who until that weekend only live in your imagination.  I don’t think there is any other time or place on earth that is like that.

Its also very accepting, people don’t judge or look down on people or ask why you do what you do, they just accept that you do, and that its cool.  Hell often they just accept that you are the person you are dressing up as, at least in personality and we all just party and have one hell of a time.

Sadly I don’t think it will last, and this moment is time is slowly passing because more and more people are learning about it, and hear its geek mardi gras.  All these new people are now coming and are not part of the culture and are bringing their bad behavior and hang ups with them.  Its spoiling the environment and making it feel unsafe.  It’s also making it so packed we can’t even walk.

11. Everyone has friends in low places. Who is your go-to friend for, shall we say, less than squeaky-white activities?

Now If I told you, I could not go to him anymore.  But when I am in a real bind, I would likely turn to my old friend John Thompson.  He’s a man who would have my back in most things.

12. What was the coolest thing you incinerated or melted with your uber magnifying glass?

I have burned a lot of things over the years, coconuts, brass shells, pennies, and a Bowling ball.   I think one of the coolest things its did was boil water in a bottle so hot that it shot out the top several feet, and there was also the time that I was moving it and it burned my wood fence like a laser from a bond film.   It also made and asphalt puddle.  I don’t think I could just pick one.   Up next is making a whole breakfast with the sun.

13. When was the last time you wore a suit and tie?

3 days ago for a Tarot card gig, I also wore one for new years, Lovely black suit, with white pinstripes. White tie.

14. How long have you been growing your hair? How many inches is it?

I have been growing it out since I was 13 as is normal for Native Americans,  I have only cut it when a family member has died.  Not sure how long it is, I think between 21 and 23 inches.

15. Bruce Campbell has hinted at a 2013 Evil Dead film remake.  What are your thoughts on this?

 Not sure, seen previews and they look to keep it fairly close to the original, but It’s not Bruce so it can’t be as good as the original.  I really liked the original a lot and the effect where part of what it was, and with the new effects I think I might be losing something.  Plus the original shoot was a bit of a nightmare, and the actors felt it they where cold, wet and ready to die for real so it will be hard to catch that in a bottle again.

I will likely see it, and from what I see, it looks pretty good. Also Bruce really likes it, so it can’t be all bad.

Check out Josh’s Steam Punk goods on Etsy through Clockworks Creations: Working Steampunk at Reasonable Prices.

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