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Tab Goes to the Movies: Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Rated PG-13 (for intense sequences of terror and violence, and thematic elements) Directed by James Wan Starring: Patrick Wilson Rose Byrne Lin Shaye Barbara Hershey Director James Wan’s latest film is the follow up to the 2010 cult horror flick Insidious.  Widely regarded by genre fans as one of the best […]

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Tab Goes to the Movies: The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring (2013) Rated R (for sequences of disturbing violence and terror) Directed by James Wan Starring: Lili Taylor Ron Livingston Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson James Wan’s latest foray into supernatural horror is The Conjuring, a 70s throwback to haunted/possessed house flicks.  The film is based on the personal accounts of the Perron family about […]

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It Came From Netflix: ATM (2012)

ATM (2012) Rated R (for violence and terror) Directed by David Brooks Starring: Brian Geraghty Alice Eve Josh Peck Just in time for the company Christmas party, David (Geraghty), an accountant, loses the life savings of a client.  He isn’t in the mood for the festive celebrating, but his friend and coworker Corey (Peck) convinces him […]

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He Saw/She Saw: The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview

He Saw:  Thank goodness for my wife.  Thanks honey, for being so brave.  Luckiest. Man. Alive. (Note: She turns her head away at all the gory parts). Kevin Smith hosted AMC’s marathon of all three seasons of “The Walking Dead”.  Even though he served no purpose, I’m glad he put down the bong long enough […]

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And When the Sky Was Opened

Chances are, you know his work.  If you’re a “Twilight Zone” fan, you’ve seen William Shatner yell “There’s something on the wing!” in “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”.  You’ve probably seen at least one of the versions of “I Am Legend”, which directly influenced George Romero to make Night of the Living Dead.  Stephen Spielberg’s first […]

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The Best Show You’re (Probably) Not Watching

I am the first person to complain about the distressing amount of remakes and sequels plaguing movies and television today.  (I’m pretty sure my friends are sick of hearing about it, honestly.)  When NBC announced a series adaptation of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon featuring his iconic cannibal psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter, I scoffed.  But recently, I […]

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Tab Goes to the Movies: Evil Dead (2013)

I was going to try really hard to be good and not include spoilers, but I failed miserably.  The whole middle section is spoilerific.  You’ve officially been warned.   Evil Dead (2013) Rated R (for strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language) Directed by Fede Alvarez Starring: Jane Levy Lou Taylor Pucci […]

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It Came From Netflix: Night of the Comet (1984)

Night of the Comet (1984) Rated PG-13 (for some violence and sexual situations) Directed by Thom E. Eberhardt Starring: Catherine Mary Stewart Kelli Maroney Robert Beltran Mary Woronov As the Earth passes through the tail of a very rare comet, people celebrate and camp out to watch the event.  After discovering that her high score […]

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Contains Spoilers: The Walking Dead Episode 3.16

This post contains spoilers about “The Walking Dead” Episode 3.16.  If you don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT read on!   Episode 3.16: Welcome to the Tombs   Directed by Ernest Dickerson Written by Glen Mazzara   In a POV shot, we zoom out from an eye and see the Governor beating an unknown captive.  It’s […]

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Tab Goes to the Movies: Room 237 (2012)

Room 237 (2012) Not Rated (Documentary) Directed by Rodney Ascher Starring: Bill Blakemore Geoffrey Cocks Juli Kearns Jay Weidner Director Rodney Ascher and producer Tim Kirk, both huge Kubrick fans, became fascinated with the many theories surrounding the director’s masterpiece The Shining.  Room 237 is an exploration of those theories, which include ABC journalist Bill […]

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