He Saw/She Saw: The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview



Sam AvatarHe Saw:  Thank goodness for my wife.  Thanks honey, for being so brave.  Luckiest. Man. Alive. (Note: She turns her head away at all the gory parts).

Kevin Smith hosted AMC’s marathon of all three seasons of “The Walking Dead”.  Even though he served no purpose, I’m glad he put down the bong long enough to spend a day on the set and do all the cool things fans would’ve loved to do.  BTW, Season 4 Preview did not preview anything about season 4.  No sneak peaks, no surprises or teasers.  Only thing notable was that a season 4 preview trailer will be out at San Diego Comicon later in July.  For those of you that had something to do, here are some ways “The Walking Dead” parallels Toy Story

Can’t wait until October (or Toy Story 4).

Carl in the house


Toni AvatarShe Saw:  Thank you, AMC, for a great diversion from the heat and humidity (not to mention, a raging headache).  And thanks for reminding us of how much longer we have to wait for October!


Toni’s Twitterless Tweets:

@DarylDixon: @JohnnyRzeznik called.  He wants his 1990’s Goo Goo Dolls haircut back.  #badhairday  (Still love ya, though!)

Daryl v Goo Goo Dolls


@KevinSmith: Way to milk AMC for every last dime while doing as little as possible! #OpportunismAtItsFinest  #CashCow

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