He Saw/She Saw Vol. #1


Looper (2012)
Rated R (for strong violence, language, some sexuality/nudity and drug content)

Directed by Rian Johnson

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Bruce Willis
Emily Blunt
Jeff Daniels



HE SAW:  Time-travel  hurts my head.  Too many loopholes.  If I met my future self I’d ask two questions:  “Where’d our hair go” and “dude, why’d we get so fat?”  Last thing I’d do?  Kill my future self!  He’d be like my all-knowing Jiminy-Cricket and fix all the mistakes he made, and I’m about to make! “That’s not a good idea man, when I tried that it totally pissed her off!  Go jewelry instead of the vacuum.”  You couldn’t buy better advice than that!  Oh and wrap your head around this spoiler alert: It never happened…See why it hurts my head?!


SHE SAW:  My first thought while watching this movie?  Man, the future looks pretty bleak.  My second thought?  Bruce Willis wishes he had that much hair at that age.  In all, this movie held my attention, although I found Joseph Gordon Levitt’s prosthetics and make-up somewhat distracting.  The changes in his appearance didn’t make him look enough like Willis to warrant all of that, and I thought he captured Willis’ mannerisms well enough to make it unnecessary.  That said; see this movie if you like time travel and contemplating how it would affect the past, present, and future (but not if you don’t like creepy little telekinetic kids).

See? Distracting right?


A less creepy moment.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)
Rated PG-13 (for mature thematic material, drug and alcohol use, sexual content including references, and a fight – all involving teens)

Directed by Stephen Chbosky

Logan Lerman
Emma Watson
Ezra Miller
Melanie Lynskey



HE SAW:   It seemed funny to me that this generation’s Breakfast Club is set in… Wait, what year was it supposed to be?  I thought I was in three different decades in this movie!  That distracted me, but not enough to keep me from enjoying the trio of young characters who all had their individual strengths and problems.  These kids from “the land of misfit toys” dealt with what you’d think would be modern issues during a less accepting time…I just don’t know when that time was exactly.  The past, let’s just say the past was less accepting.  Even in the liberal state of…Wait, where did they go to school?  What state was this in?  Point is, it doesn’t matter; Their situations are timeless, as well as the message that none of us are alone.  We just don’t know where we are or what decade we’re in…


SHE SAW:  The trailer states that the perks of being a wallflower is “The Breakfast Club of this generation.”  As much as I liked it, I have to disagree.  The Breakfast Club was lighter with glimpses of darker subtexts.  This movie is darker in tone, though it has plenty of humor.  There are similarities in theme, however, of feeling alone and unloved and misunderstood.  Most of us have had those feelings; no matter how old we are… even though, in our heads, no one else could possibly be going through those same things.  Showing my age, I would more easily compare it to Ordinary People, a book I read at Charlie’s age till my copy was tattered and falling apart.  I’ve never actually read this particular book because it was classified as YA, but Logan Lermer’s performance as Charlie alone is enough to put the perks of being a wallflower on my “To Read” list.


My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend 

Hey! We like the Olive Garden!

HE SAW:  Sleep Walk With Me was great.  It follows Mike Birbiglia’s stand up and Broadway act of the same name.  We went to his new show, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, with my son, his wife and my step daughter.  Before the show I wanted to look at the souvenir table and who was working there but Mike Birbiglia’s brother “Joe-Bags”!  Birbigs talks about him in several of his bits, so I was excited to meet him.   We bought  posters and rushed to get both of their autographs after the show.  When I stepped up for my autograph Mike noticed my shirt and this happened:

 I’d forgotten that my shirt matched the poster but was thrilled when a couple of days later he posted this picture on his Facebook.  Birbiglia was very nice and grateful that we thought so much of his act that we had seen it twice!   He’s like a guy you’re probably already friends with.  The guy that may share a little too much, and so you feel a little sorry for him.  But you root for him, you want it all to work out for him.  It’s nice that Mike Birbiglia wants to share so much of his life with you, it makes you feel personally involved in the outcome.   Go see his movie, see his live shows.  You won’t be disappointed.

SHE SAW:  To put it mildly, I like Mike Birbiglia.  He is punched into my DVR.  I drove ten hours to see his show My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, then drove ten hours back the next day, and then paid to see it again in Omaha just six months later.  And I bought the t-shirt.  I have Sleepwalk with Me on CD, have the text on my Nook, went to see the movie at Filmstreams, and then watched it again OnDemand.  Oh, and you know I’m going to buy it as soon as it’s on DVD.  It’s not creepy; I’m not a stalker or anything.  I just want to buy him a drink (or two), hang out with him, eat some Sun Chips, maybe get some pizza, be his friend…   Birbiglia likes to say he’s not really Italian, he’s “Olive Garden Italian.”  Well, this Lucky Charms Irish girl would go to The Olive Garden anytime!

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  1. Rhianna January 5, 2013 at 9:26 pm # Reply

    I am glad to see I’m not the only one who has had a more realistic idea of what meeting my future self would turn out to be:
    “If I met my future self I’d ask two questions: ‘Where’d our hair go’ and ‘dude, why’d we get so fat?’ Last thing I’d do? Kill my future self! He’d be like my all-knowing Jiminy-Cricket and fix all the mistakes he made, and I’m about to make! ‘That’s not a good idea man, when I tried that it totally pissed her off! Go jewelry instead of the vacuum.'”

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