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Angie’s Most Anticipated Game #1: Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2: The original Guild Wars was the first MMORPG that Jen and I played and because of that, there’s still a special place in my geeky heart for Guild Wars and ArenaNet. I wish we snagged Guild Wars 2 when the game first hit shelves because we sadly don’t have $60 each for […]

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The Girl With The Blue Hair

Hi, everyone! How are you enjoying The Geektastics so far? When I first started getting into anime, I watched three series: Trigun, InuYasha and Neon Genesis Evangelion. When I watched NGE I fell in love with the character Rei Ayanami. She was so different, and her story was so interesting. Even before I knew what […]

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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Long ago (2006-ish), I received a little bit of birthday money from my parents. I couldn’t decide what I’d do with my money, and asked my girlfriend (now wife) Jen for advice. She recommended a Xbox (ah, good ol’ original Xbox) and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Well, my family was never into […]

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Angie and Jen’s Introduction

Hi, everyone! I’m Angie, and I’ll be posting mine and Jen’s introduction. I hope you enjoy! Let’s first introduce our blog. We’re That Geeky is starting… right now! You’re viewing our very first post. Exciting, huh? I came up with We’re That Geeky based on a popular gaming acronym “WTG” meaning “Way To Go.” This […]

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