Wave Your Geek Flag Proudly


Over the years, the word “geek” has meant different things.  When I was young, it was just another way for bullies to denigrate the smart/weird kids.  As a young adult, it was to be worn like a badge of honor.  In the last few years, it’s become trendy to identify as a geek.  Not only has geek become the mainstream, designers and retail establishments cater to those seeking the “geek look” – non-prescription glasses, pop culture T-shirts, and Chucks make regular trips down the runaway these days.  The rising popularity has led to an increase of infighting within the geek community.  Whether it be because of gender or what a person likes (or doesn’t like, in some cases), some are accused of not being geeky enough, or even not being “true” geeks.  By taking this attitude, we’re doing to each other exactly what the bullies did to us years ago – we’re sending the message that this is an elitist club, and only a select few are good enough to get in (and, by the way, you’re probably not one of them).  Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

For me there’s only one definition that makes sense:


 And then there’s this:

John Green Nerd Quote

Source: Patbird & Galesaur


So, if you geek out – about anything – you’re welcome here and we love you!


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