Diaper Bag of Holding: Rainbow Jack


Diaper Bag of Holding

Now that my daughter is a toddler, our TV viewing habits have changed. We seem to be out of the Caillou and BabyFirst TV stage and into the Doc McStuffins and My Little Pony Stage.   I think it is important to only let your kids watch stuff that you can actually stand to watch, too. That doesn’t always work, but I have been lucky enough that my daughter enjoys TV shows that, for the most part, my husband and I enjoy – or at least tolerate. We don’t hate them with a passion.  One of these new shows is My Little Pony – which, I admit, I love. It is a great show. My husband enjoys it. There is a small part of us that gets sad when we miss an episode.

Inevitably, we all seem to have our favourite ponies, and our least favourites. I can’t stand Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. In the neutral stage is Fluttershy and in the like stage is Pinkie Pie.

The best pony is Rainbow Dash.

(c) mandydax

She has the best hair, best cutie mark, best sonic rainboom…and, of course, the best attitude.  My husband and I are tied between Rainbow Dash’s antics and Pinkie Pie’s antics of who is the most entertaining. I have to admit, to, that whomever does Rainbow Dash’s key frames and animation does a great job of getting down the look of attitude, flying, and being a pony all at the same time.

(c) unknown :(


She isn’t my favorite, though. That honor goes to Apple Jack. Loyal, down to earth, and reliable.

(c) Austiniousi


So the best and my favorite are different. I think I can live with that.

(c) pokemon7maniac

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