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Grab Bag of Holding: I haven’t died yet.

  Good news. I haven’t died. Just been busy.  A few quick updated before I drag my tired self off to bed!   1) I got my 2014 RomCon convention tickets! YAY! 2) I’ll be getting my 2014 Denver Comicon tickets soon! WOOT! 3) My husband and I obsessively watched all three seasons of Game […]

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Bookshelf of Holding: RomCon 2013 Recap

So, I guess it turns out I never actually recapped RomCon 2013! What madness is this?!   RomCon was AMAZING, and my first official convention for anything.  It was a great introduction into this “con” thing, and I am so glad I went.  My con started with breakfast and meeting two authors: Elizabeth Essex and […]

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Guest Post of Holding: Author Shyla Colt

I am super psyched to introduce to you one of my new RomCon friends, author Shyla Colt!  Here she is showing off her writing and new books!   I just wanted to thank Rhianna and the Geektastic crew for letting me stop by! I love this site! I’m always learning something new, laughing, or relating […]

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Grab Bag of Holding: RomCon 2013 Giveaway BLOWOUT!

I am so psyched to host this giveaway showcasing some of the amazingly awesome swag I picked up from RomCon!  Believe it or not, I received twice the swag I am giving away here! RomCon was stellar and so much fun, I highly suggest you attend if you enjoy romance novels. Originally I thought I […]

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Grab Bag of Holding: RomCon2013 GIVEAWAY Announcement!

Did you get to go to RomCon in Colorado this year? What, NO!?!  Well I have good news for you!  Later this month I will be hosting a RomCon 2013 giveaway filled with SWAG, BOOKS, and SIGNED GOODIES! Not only that, but there will be at least THREE winners! Two winners will receive a swag […]

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