Grab Bag of Holding: I haven’t died yet.




Good news. I haven’t died. Just been busy.  A few quick updated before I drag my tired self off to bed!


1) I got my 2014 RomCon convention tickets! YAY!

2) I’ll be getting my 2014 Denver Comicon tickets soon! WOOT!

3) My husband and I obsessively watched all three seasons of Game of Thrones. We are now hooked, fans, and totally ready for season four to start! #ilovejonsnow

4) Outlander, the novel, was picked up be Starz! Filming has already begun and I am fan-girling HARD CORE over it!

5) For the next 48 days I am participating in a writing challenge. Wish me luck! I am still working on the novel I started for 2012 NaNoWriMo. The plot got a major overhaul over the last year, and I’ve put it down for months at a time. I am back at writing, though, and enjoying it.

6) I turned 32, my daughter turned 3, and my husband turns 32 in a week. When did we get so old?

7) I’ll be going on my second hunt, for elk, this upcoming November. Wish me luck for that, too!

8) Plans for this year’s family vacation are in full swing, and just waiting for October to roll around so we can enjoy Disneyland.

9) I haven’t picked a Bag of Holding interview question theme or poll for 2014…any suggestions? Last year’s interview theme was zombie apocalypse survival and the poll was best Firefly episode.

10) I cried when I lost my doctor. Goodbye 11. :*(


That’s it for tonight! <3

- Rhianna

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Rhianna is a 30 year old first time geek mom. She hopes to raise her daughter, Sierra, with a love of reading, science fiction, fantasy, computers, gaming, and a love of the outdoors. Rhianna likes a lot of different geek genres, but doesn’t consider herself a die-hard fan of any of them…more of a lover of most. She is the author of the mini-blog BAG OF HOLDING.