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TheWalkingDead ZombiesWe are obsessed with The Walking Dead.  Sam started reading the trade paperbacks at the bookstore years ago, and anything with zombies… c’mon!  Now we have all of the books and wait impatiently each week (and before each season) for a new episode.  So now, of course, we have to add it to our “real” life portion (or small-screen “reel,” anyway).


He Saw:  I think Rick found his way out of crazytown by seeing what’s happened to Morgan.  Michone softened and opened up just enough to get them to want her to stay with the group.  So many messages in this episode, definitely one of the best this season.

She Saw:  Felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest the whole time!  I just kept expecting something big to happen.  And I wasn’t disappointed: lots of walkers, action, and the reappearance of Morgan… yes!  But hey, how’d Michone get that picture so fast?  It was like when they pull a completely finished dish out of the oven on a cooking show and say, “Through the magic of television…”


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