Reel to Real Dreams


He Saw here. I’ve been having weird dreams. I mean I often have weird dreams, but due to what I believe is a combination of stress and over eating of Gold Star Cheese Coneys, a strange (but funny) event went down in my noggin the other night.

I was Batman. Awesome so far, right? I was wearing the Christian Bale costume (cool but hard to see the iconic symbol) and I even fixed the gravel mess of a voice and had a cool but dark, leathery voice (shiver here).

Enter the villains. Dark, vile; a superstitious and cowardly lot: The worst Arkam Asylum patients, with the most warped and depraved minds.  Not even close. The villains in this mess are from the 60s T.V. show! Imagine a gritty Dark Knight ready to throw down with extreme vengeance, and who walks in? Caesar Romero as Joker, Burgess Meredith as Penguin and Frank Gorshin as Riddler. In the corner directing henchmen to “get him” is Lee Meriwether petting a black cat!  Standing in the slightly slanted villain’s lair, my costume now looks more like an ill-fitted cowl and t-shirt.  I’ve totally lost all cool factor in this dream.  I roll my eyes as the Riddler prances around me giggling and the Joker laughs his asthmatic laugh in my face.  Do you believe this? I rolled my eyes in my own dream?!

Can’t even pull off being cool as Batman in my dreams…



More my speed


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Toni is an elementary school teacher who finds an outlet in movies (and popcorn). Sam is the coolest comic book nerd you'll ever meet. Together, they see countless films and love on their adorable dog, Bixby (named for Bill Bixby, the star of the 1970s television series “The Incredible Hulk.”) Toni and Sam are the authors of the mini blog HE SAW/SHE SAW.
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